About Me

I am turned on by by looking a beautiful and rich piece of fabric. I can see a great shoe collection that just hit the stores and then be moved to create a line of clothing just to wear with the shoes. I like textures and trimmings that adorn and add deminsions beyond the given surface. Each day I give thanks for all of those who believe in me and the encouragement I get from being blessed with a gift that has carried me thus far. . .How wonderful it is to meet many people and see the pleasure in their faces to see and appreciate something I created that came to me in a dream. I enjoy working with and thank the many models, makeup artists, photographers and all the creative spirits who have worked with me doing the many shows and shoots along the way. May we all travel down a fulfilling, uplifting and inspiring path!

If you are interested in working with me in the future please feel free to reach out and send some love. I enjoy working with professional, respective and creative minds. I have to make a living so please keep that in mind when wanting to conduct business with Renee France Designs. I thank you for your consideration in advance. Work for Trade is very selective...visit...http://urbanworldfashion.com/urban_world_fashion_runway, to read in more depth about Renee France Designs and view more pics. Thanks for stopping by...Enjoy!



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