About Me

I am a freelance photographer with over 25 years expereance. Having lived around the world I have photographed subjects in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

My expereance has included everything from portrait photography to landscapes. I have settled near Indianapolis, IN. and have started a small buisness. I am open to any type of photography and have done infants, childeren, weddings, glamour, and nude. My goal is to provide images my clients will treasure and wish to display in thier own homes or to give as gifts of remembrance.

My main concentration is artistic works of the human figure. I believe the human figure is beautiful and should be shown in its most beautiful state.

I will also aid in helping aspiring models develop portfolios designed to their own personal needs. Depending on the concept wanted, I will concider even waveing my session fee to assist in starting portfolios.

My goal is to grow my fledgling buisness using this site. My desire is to provide my clients memorable images and services at a reasonable price in this struggling economy.

My rates are very reasonable since I am doing this part time and do not depend on it for a living. TF* shoots do happen sometimes depending on the desired concept. If I feel it will enhance my portfolio, I will concider TF*.

If we set a time for a session, please be on time. If you are going to be late, call me. If you must reschedule, call me a day or two in advance. I am understanding, but let me know. Just to no show is not professional.

If my work or services interest you, you may contact me at my email address, dkdellinger@msn.com or here at Model Mayhem. Please include "Model Mayhem" in the subject line if you use my MSN email.


Published in collegent periodicals and recruiting publications, buisness web sites, and Korean National Art Gallery.