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I started making my living as photographer in 1978, originally shooting weddings, school portraits and grip 'n grins and eventually moving to environmental portraiture and industrial photography. After 7 years of agency and corporate work I burned out and gave up shooting as a career in 1989. I was a partner in a photo lab digital imaging service bureay before starting a small Mac support firm in 1993. Recently, I find myself drawn back to photography. This time around it will be mostly for my own satisfaction and self expression. While I will take commercial assignments, I currently focus on pro-bono projects and self directed work for my personal pleasure and growth.

I joined iStudio with the hope of developing working relationships with models, stylists, artists and other photographers for collaboration, inspiration and the exchange of ideas. I would also enjoy meeting & shooting with other serious photographers interested in portraiture, glamor, artistic and nature/wildlife photography. I am based in Rochester, NY but frequently travel to Western/Southern Maine and Eastern PA.

My primary interest is in developing a fresh portfolio of images, both studio and on location. To that end I will happily consider TFP/TFCD with models (male or female) and/or stylists who have interesting ideas or who are interested in collaborating. For collaborative efforts I expect a limited "personal promotional use" model release. For paid projects I expect to pay standard day rates with releases appropriate to the scope of the project.

I am a 50ish, happily married man who is active in my community. I welcome models to bring an escort to any shoot, particularly if they are willing to hold a reflector, etc. I'm not at all adverse to tasteful nudity, male or female, and I enjoy working with the human form, however, I have no interest in shooting "hard core" images. I'll consider almost any ideas but please don't feel offended if I politely decline.

Lastly, although this is a serious pursuit for me I'm no longer dependent on shooting to make a living and all of the baggage that that entails. For me this is about art, expression, experimentation, discovery, collaboration and a beneficial experience for all parties. But it's mostly about fun.

If any of this sounds interesting to you e-mail me.

Thanks for your interest.

Brad Saunders



03 Sep 10 14:15
You do beautiful work, if you ever need a model drop me a line
02 May 10 08:32
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