About Me

After years in corporate and government jobs, I am now doing the work I love. I am an American Impressionist painter. I mostly use photographs for the paintings I do. (My own, and those from photographers who have graciously allowed me to use some of their images as inspiration for my work.) I work in oil, and paint landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors, but specialize in romantic, sensual nudes.

I am hoping to make contact with models, who love the idea of creating art and are confident with their looks, and can express that in a photo and ultimately in my painting.

I am looking for models who love classic, sensual poses, who want to tell a story in every pose. I am looking for real WOMEN, lovely, sensual women, who know it and feel free in expressing it.

Look at my paintings and you will get the idea of what I mean, and what I want to paint.

Unfortunately, I cannot pay an hourly fee, but what I can offer is a CD with photos from the session.

I also welcome photos from models and photographers, who think their work would make a good painting. My goal is to make beautiful paintings whether I take the photo I use for reference, or not. If you are interested in helping me with your photos, contact me and I will send you a link to a page I have put together, that shows some poses I would like to use.

I also do commissions, so if you want me to paint something for you, I will do it for a very reasonable rate for MM members. Contact me for details.

If you would like to be involved with my artwork, please contact me and I will show you many more of my paintings and we can see if we can work out a model, artist relationship.