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About Me

I don't like planning shoots. I like to go somewhere with a creative person and find unexpected and impulsive beauty in that place and person. I don't care what someone is wearing, if they have makeup on, or if they are sitting in a dumpster, there is beauty to be captured and thoughts to be provoked. Such is my passion, and this is simply one medium by which to achieve that goal. I'm definitely fun to work with and shooting with me will probably be some sort of adventure. I especially enjoy shooting with people in nature.

Aside from photography, of which I shoot people and nature, I am a cellular and molecular biology student at SDSU and an artist in all mediums. I am currently a few months away from opening up a clothing line featuring my art, mostly men and womens shirts.

I want to work with people who are fun, optimistic, natural, creative, and who seek or find beauty in life. I love life fiercely and I enjoy being around others who do the same. Its fun

I just recently started shooting people, whereas before I only shot nature, so my portfolio is not extensive at all. Help me build it :]

Also, I will need models to display my clothing once I get my site up, which should be soon.

Also I'm a science NERD, so if we shoot in nature and I start listing off different species of plants and getting excited about cacti and stuff, and you're not into that, I apologize in advance plus I have ADD and that doesn't help

My modeling site:

a sample of my art:

My clothing company site on the way