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See more of my pictures on Facebook www.facebook.com/patjonesphotography I am passionate about photography and though it is still a hobby I aspire to provide professional images. I sometimes have good ideas but I am willing to shoot what you want as well so don't be afraid to ask. Just want to add a few shots to your portfolio? No problem. I am working on my portfolio as well Will travel a bit to shoot weekends and evenings. Studio shots can be done almost any evening here in Waco. I am interested in improving my range and helping some folks along the way. There is nothing like the feeling I get from taking a picture of someone and having them love it. I am a pretty good photographer with a good understanding of light. I have studio equipment here and portable lights and stands I travel with . I am not a paying customer unless I have a project I am working on nor do I charge for CD images if it something I want to do or if it is portfolio pictures for you. Weddings and events I charge for. Chaperones are welcome my wife likes to chaperone/help me. She will also help you with hair and makeup if needed she is a former Cosmetologist
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Contact: pat@netvacuum.com 254-722-7497

Here is a comment I got from a model I worked with recently something to keep in mind when you decide what pictures to add to your portfolio or when you are trying to decide if it is worth it to pay a photographer to do some work for you.

"I know, I am sooooo excited that I was even picked for a part that I can't even be upset that I'm not the lead character, LOL. Thanks for the wonderful pics that the director fell in love with 0 This should say something about your talent. He said he's seen people that have been modeling for 2 years that don't have a port that looks that good!"


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Stamina Album Cover
Pin Up Perfection Magazine Feature Photo
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01 Dec 10 22:14
Lovely port! I'm in the Austin Area and Would love to shoot with you in the future!
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