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Hey everyone!

I do a lot of sports-oriented shots but I want to build up the model portion of my portfolio, so that is primarily what you will see here. I am most interested in working with models interested in building up their own portfolios through TFCD/TFP work because you are helping me out as a model as much as I am helping you out as your photographer. So if you are looking to build up your portfolio take a look at the images I have up and see what you think. If you like my work drop me a message and lets go shoot!

What I am interested in working on but by no means limited to:

Pics that have a storyline,
Re-enacting great shots throughout history with a twist

If you want references with some of the models I have worked with previously just let me know and I can put you in contact with them. They will be glad to provide one and any models that you have a desire to work with you see on my page please ask! I want to get them out there as well!


CityScope Magazine, Chattanooga, TN
Hamilton County Herald Newspaper, Chattanooga, TN
University of TN at Chattanooga Sports Information Media Guides since 1996
Xcite Lingerie & Club Wear advertisements, Chattanooga, TN


18 Nov 09 22:27
I will - it's getting a little cool for outdoor shoots right now, but maybe we could get together in the spring! I am really wanting to do some retro/pinup style shots but I don't know if I could do the hair and makeup myself. :)
17 Nov 09 00:33
Thanks for the FR! Maybe we will be able to work together sometime! :)
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