Ros - 'Niptropolis' Version Two
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:130 lbs
Measurements:32-25-36 in
Shoe Size:5
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Hazel
Skin Color:Other
Experience:Very Experienced
Join:8 Oct 2002

About Me

For various reasons, I have recently hidden many of my images (including some showcases) from public view. YOU WILL NEED TO LOG IN AS A MEMBER IN ORDER TO VIEW MY ENTIRE PORTFOLIO I am am extremely experienced model, having worked in the UK, USA and Europe. I have a UK base in Sheffield and London, and am also willing to travel. I will model tasteful photography only (i.e. no top-shelf style material) up to and including artistic and glamour nude. I enjoy creating unusual, 'edgy' images which have not been attempted before, and I'm told I'm easy to work with! I am adept at applying my own make up, most of the make up on this site is done by myself. As well as modelling, I am also a trained singer and actress, and have worked extensively in theatre and on screen. Visit my modelling website If you are interested in working with me, please email me the type of work you require with some examples, and I'll get back to you. This portfolio represents my work from my entire modelling career, which has been diverse and varied. For only my most recent images (2010 onwards) visit my blog. I won't wear real fur (anything that looks like fur on this portfolio is 100% fake), or outfits made of leather (PVC or latex are better alternatives anyway!), and I'm vegetarian (in case you want to book me and feed me) - I love food, passionately! Please make your acknowledgments public! :-) Some of the many photographers who I have been lucky enough to work with include: (* = more than once + = Showcased image on that profile) (UK) (England) Ken Clarke*, Warren Berlin, David Hare, David Ballard, David Hibberd, Rik Franks, Simon Richardson - 115847, Mighty Aphrodite* - 105726, Chris Rout+* - 23672, David Ayerst Davies+* - 5027, Neil Bowman+* - 59736, Sin-Ergy* - 75262, Martin Levenson - 61516, Divisus* - 11213, Cleveland - 65002, CJ Images - 4050, GDSandy* - 33551, Paul McClachlan - 5313, David Slater - 67937, Steve Cornes - 1898, John Keedwell* - 1323, Paul Stone* - 35983, Neale James+* - 58815, Will S - 32683, Brian Brown - 2605, Mike Crawley* - 2248, Chris Hopkins* - 107475, Adnax Publications* - 74014, Shaun McManus - 7379, Rob Perry* - 2833, Arthur Sukhbir* - 5033, Phil Hatfield - 15386, StolenFaces - 11405, Dave Collier* - 8825, Stelianour Sani, DrMatty, Alex Treacher, Stuart Freeman, Ginger Snaps, Scott Spock, Matt Miller, John T, Simon Young, Pete Sandford (photographer and artist)- 58508, Body painted by Malcolm Mellon* - 6934, Body cast by Ken Clarke, Paul Churchman* - Focus Media Imaging, Jean Marc Rulier (digital artist). (Scotland) Dave McAleavy* - 30856, John Gray - 7909, Harry Smart* - 49696, David Sams*, Hugh McCusker - 63136, Sarah Oates - 99196, Rod Munro (artist) - 7810. (Ireland) DB Images* - 43422, Paul Crawford - 7543 (USA) Scott J Walker - 75027, Eric Hason* - 7057, Dennis Galante - 4890, Francis Hills - 2168, Richie Wilson* - 14516, Hope Photography - 1926, SEC - 30439, Joshua Rubin - 43341, Hamptons Glamour - 8946, FotoMusik - 10040, Ron Chapple - 5706, NotablePhoto - 5790, StudioJimon - 5431. (France) Tevade - 1629, Robert Chouraqui. (Spain) Efraim Sanchez-Gil - 5466, Eccehomo. (Germany) Markus Richter - 15302, Michael Maier (based Germany and UK). I have a degree in English, and am currently working on a project combining poetry with photography. I am also an amateur photographer. Some of my self-portraiture is included here on my OMP page, and is also available as limited edition prints. To view more of my own work, visit my website. I have a very versatile look, from commercial stock to erotic art. NO RISK GUARANTEE: Once a booking is confirmed with a set date, I honour that agreement. However, due to other commitments there is a small chance I may need to reschedule. In this event I will ALWAYS give you as much notice as possible. If I am forced to reschedule within a week's notice of the agreed date I will offer a reduction of 25% on my fees once the shoot is rearranged. If I reschedule within 48 hours' notice, my rates will be reduced by 1/3. In the extremely unlikely event that I cancel on the day of the shoot, I will offer you another shoot entirely free of charge. (Although this has never happened and I do not foresee it happening). If I reschedule with more than seven days' notice, and the photographer incurs fees as a result (studio fees, pre-paid travel or deposit etc) I will deduct this amount from my own wage. However, I will require to see proof of these charges. The chances of me having to reschedule are EXTREMELY SMALL, however I offer this guarantee to protect the photographer from inconvenience or financial loss. I will NEVER "no show" and will ALWAYS give you as much notice as possible in the event I do have to reschedule. I expect the same respect from photographers. Please keep me informed if you do not intend to keep your agreement.

I am a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists "Provocative and edgy, but not pornographic. This is a rare quality evident in your portfolio." Quote, Jim Connolly, artist, Sheffield.