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Thanks for checking out my profile. Hello, allow me introduce myself, my name is J.R., I am a professional photographer for 28yrs. I'm located in Auburn, Montgomery and Tuskegee, Alabama. I own Smile 2day and Smile 2morrow and Don't Be Jealous Hot Images Photography.( MM# 1402978) I am also the primary photographer for Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. I'm very out going easy to work with, and I love to have fun on a shoot. I enjoy my work and working with models that have new interesting ideas. I approach every shoot professionally. I also currently working with a Licensed Professional Makeup Artist specializing in all areas of makeup!
I am looking to network with models, clothing designers, hair and wardrobe stylist, makeup artist and photoshop editiors. I am looking to shoot portraiture, high fashion, swim wear, weddings,hair style, urban, couture, and anything else creative and unique. I am trying to expand my portfolio by adding creative and versatie photos with different ideas and styles. From this site. I would love to meet new models who like to build their portfolio. I will be doing very limited TFCD as 2010 and mainly for first shoot test( 5 to 6 outfits Plus one bikini outfits) I'm willing to help the models build their portfolio for their modeling career. I will shoot a very select few models under a TFCD basis. My copyright goes on all photos that will be posted online. A model or photo release is required for all.


If you have concepts and ideas please let me know, feel free to contact me for more details of my work. I would love to work with you during your modeling career. You'll receive a unedited CD with over 100 to 200 images .

If you have any questions or you're interested working with me, feel free to contact me at (334-439-9383) for more details, I can be reached at : Jrsnapshot@myway.com or send me a message on MM# 773820 and we will go from there, hope to hear from you soon. If I send you friend request, it means that I like your look, and if we work together, we will create some great images.
Thank you

If you need a Makeup Artist I do have one:
Toshia (The MUA Makeup Artist) with whom I have worked with for 4yr. She also loc. in Atlanta, GA. (770) 865-3781
Her Prices Is
$30.00----------one look
$40.00----------two look
$55 .00----------three look ( Whole Day Shoot)


Mistamac #477468
Photoshop Wizard Ray Retouch # 1139692
Makeup Artist/ : MZ LaToshia ( Faces By L )
Makeup Artist/ : MZ Rakeya (Faces of LaBeija) # 618579
Model : MZ Tomi #714928
Model : MZ Jazii #738046
Model : MZ Jolandra #681772
Model : MZ M.Sousa #769724
Model : MZ Jasmin - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Brittay - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Tiffany #419027
Model : MZ Tenisha Houston #784462
Model : MZ Alicia (Bama Vixen) #852940
Model : MZ Shana A #366245
Model : MZ Devonne # 423446
Model : MZ Linda J.R. Model
Jr. Model : MZ Jasmine -J.R. Model
Model : MZ Nichole J.R. - Model
Model : MZ Tashanda J.R. Model
Model : MZ Punkin - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Donica - J.R. Model
Model : MZ PrEttY Rikki # 492419
Model : MZ Ebony Jolenee # 1096173
Model : MZ Beverly Thomas # 830852
Model : MZ Nikki J.R. Model
Model : MZ Jina #179238
Model : MZ Leah - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Denisa- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Southern Hollywood # 809985
Model : MZ Jamyra # 819139
Model : MZ Christina Lorry
Model : Mr. Mike- J.R. Model
Model : Mr.J. Freeman # 1167817
Model : MZ Porsha- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Tina - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Ashley # 1201264
Model : MZ Alexia - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Deeonna # 1198336
Model : MZ Cokee # 1263870
Model : MZ Chawntoya # 427178
Model : MZ Sparks- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Deonta28 # 810129
Model : MZ Chalandrea # 775129
Model : MZ Chamel- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Nykta - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Celira - J.R. Model
Model : MZ FeMme Finesse # 736928
Model : MZ Chiquita Hooks # 1316080
Model : MZ Jennifer - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Danielle - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Brittany - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Shantel # 1439010
Model : MZ Kelishia # 1487868
Model : MZ Sucklehoney # 1253240
Model : MZ Chanel Luv 26 # 1522595
Model : MZ Akilsh - J.R. Model
Model : MZ Andrea- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Charell- J.R. Model
Model : MZ Takova- J.R. Model


08 Jul 10 17:52
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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