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Baddogz.JiN is a full-time Professional Fashion photographer Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He has 8 years expreriences on shooting advertising,Commercial,Fashion & wedding.


He claimed to love experimenting with light and shadow. Both Black & White and Color Portraiture as well as Fantasy are also among his favourite photography skills. Although he has no objection towards studio work, Jin prefers artistic shoots that use available lights. ‘Natural light’ & ‘Studio lighting’ artistic conceptual photography are his specialty. He believes in shooting something that able to tell a story apart of having strong concepts in the picture.

At the end of the shoot,he always asks “Did the shoot produce the desired result?”


Q: Hey Jin, what camera are you using now? What type of lens you prefer best? Any suggestions on which camera that is suitable for me?”

I have been shooting for eight years. During these eight years, I have been practicing and mastering my photography skills with various cameras and lenses. A camera is only a tool. It always depends on how you perceive and how you make use of what you perceived.

I began creating a lot of my portfolios with the cheapest camera, with the cheapest lens doing a lot of indoor and outdoor shooting. Only recently I have changed to a better camera with the money made from using the old camera. In my eight years of experience, I do not believe that cheap cameras cannot produce a better quality of photos.

”If photography is the passion of your life.There is nothing can stop you from doing it.”


”Can you imagine?”

He selects themes that no other photographer would shoot. Many have chose background like parks or lakes. Jin himself would done otherwise. So if anyone had the same idea as his, it will automatically triggers the mind to think of Jin.

”Try to think out of the box”. ”There are no limitations for creativity.”


Never his whole life he pays models for his personal shooting. Payment will only be made if he requires models for his workshops and/or jobs. The norm was the models paid him to shoot for their portfolios. He welcomes models who loves his concepts to co-operate for his future personal shooting. He prefers models with unique or natural look or possess very strong features or nice body shape depending on what concept he will be shooting.

Position : Art Director/Professional Photographer
mobile : 017-2082155
email : jin@baddogzstudio.com
website : www.baddogzstudio.com
blog : http://jinsphotography.blogspot.com/



09 Jan 14 16:09
Amazing port! Best of luck to you :)
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