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Storyboard Project Slide Shows (Flash player required):

"Superman's Transformation" featuring Christopher Erickson and "The Last Phone Booth"
"Cooking Mama" featuring Devi 1313 as the popular video game character
"Weary Traveler" featuring Cali Girl Meg who worked really hard to look so frazzled for this!
"Stranded Bride" featuring Mandi L. and Treja in their adventures on the way to the church

These are my first attempt at this kind of thing so comments by PM would be appreciated!


Welcome to Night Beat Annex! This profile is reserved for my more experimental efforts, both in terms of content and technique. I've posted work here that may not measure up in terms of quality but reflects my efforts to grow as a photographer.

If you're reading this, you're either very interested in my work or you got lost and landed here.

View my main ModelMayhem profile here.

All my credits, Friends (those I've worked with), lists, schedules, etc. are on my main profile. The "Friends" list on this profile is reserved for photographers who I've met and/or whose work I admire.

Constructive comments on the work displayed here are welcome but I would prefer that you send a PM.