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About Me

Hi, my name is Max
I am a Professional MUA with 20+ years exp in all types of Make-up........
From 'basic' Beauty to Bridal Make up, Remedial/Camoflague, Theatrical, Fashion, Photographic Make up,SFX Make up,as well as Prosthetics and Lifecasting........

**I lost a HELL of a lot of images due to a P.C. Crash ! To see some of my work

I like to experiment with make-ups.....'Avant Garde' styles........ striking looks, Sweets, feathers, amazing lashes and wild colours......Smoky eyes,pill box hats with veils,flowers,materials...the list is endless,and bound only by imagination (and I got a pretty wild imagination!)

Besides being a M.U.A. I am also an established Bodypainter..... MM 885568

I am looking for,and registering ALL types of models,with or without portfolios, for ALL types of Make-up & Body art,and for a database of models for use by professional clients/photographers....all details are kept PRIVATE! your name and address/tel.numbers are NOT given out!

(If you can dance,roller blade,stilt walk or have any other 'party trick' please contact us - we seek ALL types of promotional staff)

e mail

I offer Make-ups/Bodyart at a reasonable cost.......this is my full-time job, I do it to make my living - not as a hobby!

UNLESS I approach YOU regarding a TFP/CD shoot....I rarely offer TFP, unless I feel it will benefit both mine,and the Models/Photographers portfolio.
(It also means you have a distinctive look or features, a form of compliment ? )

**You should never even consider doing a Shoot without a good MUA. Hair and makeup are 50% of a good shot, and its a waste of time to shoot without one.
Its no good thinking "Oh I can do my own make-up/hair " Photographic make-up is totally different to what you'd wear for a night out with the girls - avoiding make-up with titanium dioxide for example? ( bet some of you are going "uh?" )beleive me,it makes a difference...

I offer free advice and tips on make-up - got a Q? ask me...


Credits? well,my Mum, for encouraging my artistic side....

Make-up Asst.Leavesden/Pinewood/Shepperton Studios
83 - 94

Bodypaint Artist for 'The Sun' (98) 'Daily Sport' (99)

'Southern England's Make up Champion 2000'

H.N.C in Creative Make-Up Artistry

H.N.C. in Theatre & Costume

Diploma in Fashion/Photographic make-up

Diploma in Theatrical/Media make-up

Diploma in Cosmetic make-up

City & Guilds in Wigmaking

I am also a qualified Manicurist !

Member of the 'British Body Painters Guild'

UKBPF Finalist 2008