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About Me

My name is Jeff, innovator who resides in the Philly area. I have been working alongside of various talent from the surrounding area for quite sometime now. Let's see what ideals you have and together we can walk away with a finished project. Don't wait for the PERFECT moment, take the MOMENT and make it perfect.....
At all times we will work in a fun and safe enviornment. Clients can bring a guest if they like. Please be wiseful in whom you bring. Hired clients need to be on time and ready to work. Confirmations are given by email/telephone within 24 hours of project. Project will be terminated is confirmation is not answered within the given time frame. Please be courteous by contacting if anything unexpected may occur.
In order for us to become such, I would know something about or have met you. Those I have listed in the friends section of my profile are either people I have worked with at some point, or we are about to work together. All business.
Throughout the year I will post a casting for work related projects, which many are paid. Beforehand I would like to say "Thank You" to all who may respond, and will keep you in mind of future projects. In most cases those who I feel will meet the qualifications of what I am looking for will be contacted. My castings are spelled out thouroughly. So if a casting specifies what I'm looking for, please do not respond if this is not something that you wish to do.
References can be obtained upon request. I've had the honor to work with many models from many States. Much of my work will be featured in commercial format.