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Hey Flickr let me back in. I have to say even though my feelings were hurt when they broke up with me, I'm glad they took me back. Sure there are some new rules I have to follow, like nudes are for friends only, and bondage & explicit is for family only. But they took me back. And let's face it Pbase just didn't treat me right. It's not that Pbase is a bad site, it's a great site. It just isn't the site for me.

So I'm back with Flickr! You'll need to have a Flickr membership and add me in order for me to reciprocate so you can see my nude, bondage, or explicit work.


Seattle based photographer. I shoot mostly nudes. From artistic to erotic, and everything in between.

Everyone has their own definition of artistic, erotic, adult, porn, etc. so we should always chat before a shoot. Either by email, phone, or in person.

I do also shoot non-nude work from time to time, although it's pretty rare these days.

I'm not doing this to make a living or become a "known artist". I do this because I enjoy it. You should too. I understand that you might do this for a living, but you should enjoy your job.

That doesn't mean the shots won't be exhibited. It just means that isn't my primary motivation.

I prefer to shoot people who are comfortable in their own skins. That shows in the final product. I am ok shooting with someone who is new. Just try to be comfortable with who you are, and "own it".

I'm usually a talker, so expect me to be chatty. If I'm not chatty, it doesn't mean I don't like you or the shoot is going wrong, I'm probably just thinkin'. I do that on occasion.

Sometimes my ideas are stupid, but I want to shoot them anyway, just try to roll with it. Sometimes my ideas are offensive, try to roll with that too. Sometimes my ideas are boring, rolling with this is good as well.

I don't care if you have an escort. They will be expected to be quiet and not interfere with or provide input into the shoot. They might be expected to hold or fetch something.

You should bring music (either CD or iPod) to the shoot if you want to listen to something. If not, I will subject you to my tastes, and you might not like it.

You can view my work other places too. Check out

Oh and one last thing:

I have two DSLRs, a 35mm, eight lenses (fast glass too!), three portable flashes, and four pro-quality studio flashes. So yeah, my penis is pretty big.

Seriously though, I'm not sure why you need to know what brand/type of camera I'm using or why it would matter. What you need to know is I almost always shoot digital, and of all the crap I mentioned above, I probably only use 10% of it at any given time. So really it's not that I have a big penis (just ask my girlfriend), I just have a problem spending money. The first step is recognizing I have a problem.


Models I have had the pleasure of working with:
iNA - MM#227751
Ashley Haven Nudes - MM#52421 *
Raccoon Carobtree - MM#654378 *
Amber C - MM#669946
Krisha Ray - MM#538765
oh Kyoko - MM#1018416 *
Cordelia Anne - MM#1030674
Raia - MM#570471
Anna June- MM#1166593
Lieza Nova - MM#830310
Yulia - MM#7887 *
IRINA13 - MM#32204
Tatiana317 - MM#1023172
Erin Maiden - MM#460642 *
Invy - MM#135322
Salma Kahlo - MM#1057273
Miss Ami - MM#1151737
Jess James - MM#1237325 *
Mzz Jack - MM#889187
Gabriella Shepard - MM#1027389
Bailey Devonish - MM#466059
Lola Babalon - MM#23346 *
Miss Pixel-tan - MM#58744
Rachel Campanoli - MM#1316088
Jessica Matzen - MM#766953
Kyrie A Peters - MM#1381711*
AwwD - MM#1268675
Cali Girl Tracy - MM##184290
Forcynthia - MM#1085353*
Corruption - MM#1423923

* - Worked With Multiple Times


24 May 10 23:32
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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