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I am a working individual just like most American, so therefore please to not waste my time. If you wish to conduct a session I am by far easy to work with. I am open to many and all ideas, though I preferred paid assisgnments. If you have a creative idea and wish to have it pulled off I typically study the subject in depth before the shoot so please give me at least a weeks notice.

xoxoxoxoxoxo FT3 Miller

Rates: Depends on Assignment though typically it is $50/hour $200 half day $400 in depth all day photo session. Travel and gas arrangements will caus e a differential in pricing so please as I stated previously discuss your ideas thouroughly so we both are on the same page.

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I am currently part of the ISR which is part of collective photographic images.
Florida Community College at Jacksonville: Graphic design
Photo 1 (B&W Film)
Digital Photography
Drawing 1
Two Juried Photo galleries(FCCJ, reciepts can be provided to show proof)

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