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Ama Joy

About Me

Aloha everyone!

First of all, and before anything else, here's about friend requests...:
IF I DON'T KNOW YOU, AND YOU DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT, A TAG, NOR A MESSAGE, YOU WILL PROBABLY BE DENIED AUTOMATICALLY ! Nothing personal, but if I am capable of leaving a message or a comment when I request, so can you... 0

My name is Laurent, and Urak Photography is my business. I'm an imported guy from Switzerland, which you should not confuse with Sweden please, 0 and I moved to San Diego in 2007. I came here to be closer to my folks who migrated here a long time ago, and after visiting all these years, fell in love with the beautiful city of SD, were the good spirit of the Aloha is almost on every wave I catch... 0

I was raised by both artists parents, as my mom was a painter and a sculptor, and my dad was an art photographer and art dealer. You can actually see his amazing work, and legacy here ---> www.kramervisual.com. So being in that environment all my youth did have an impact on how I see and feel people, things, events etc...

I consider myself an instinct photographer, and I try to catch the soul of people, the emotion, and "freeze" it" in a picture. I'm more artistic then commercial in a way, but I think both can be mixed, and create something beautiful!

I'm either into live music, events, portraits, tasteful nudity, sports, landscape, events, weddings, and fashion. I'm always open to new ideas, brought either by the model, a designer, or myself, and love it!

I can be down for selected "Trade" too, but, as I also have bills to pay, I would rather appreciate paid job offers... My rates are, I believe, reasonable, so don't be shy and ask... 0

Take a look at the samples, and if that opens your appetite for more, visit my website, and drop me a comment... 0

Oh! And one more thing. If we do TFCD, my policy is to at least meet the model once before any shoot. I work with vibes, and if there's no vibes, on one side or the other, I don't shoot. Fair enough? 0

BTW, escorts are welcome too! And if we shoot TFCD, we will choose up to 10 (ten) pictures that we BOTH like, I will do a little editing, and will send you a CD with high and low res jpegs, released for you to print and display, but not for commercial purposes, if you agree to sign a model release, of course... The other shots, even if close in quality, will remain non processed and will not be displayed, the bad ones immediately erased.

Regarding Photoshop™ work, be advised that for me it's a tool to remove temporary flaws, or disgraceful scars or stretch marks. I am not the guy who will spend 2 hours by picture to "redo" you, unless we're going nationwide lolll, cuz I believe that a picture should be good when shot already. I'm old school, and learned photography with films. But yes, I will make adjustments, some air-brushing if required, and a bit of sharpening here and there, cuz Raw files need it. There's Photoshop™ wizards for that... 0

Merci de m'avoir lu! - Thanks for reading! 0



Fashion and misc.:

- APA Counsulting, San Diego
- FashionWeekSD.com
- Dress 4 Nines (Fashion store for pregnant women, opening in April 08)
- San Diego Civic Youth Ballet (SDCYB), Nutcracker 2008, The Beauty and the Beast 2009, Nutcracker 2009,
- Some independent dancing events
- The Devil's Playground, burlesque group, Los Angeles

Live Jazz/music:

- Covering many different live Jazz gigs with famous musicians, in places like Dizzy's, Anthology, The Onyx Room, and many more in San Diego County, or The Mint in LA.

- Member of the photographers team for San Diego Indie Festival V & VI(2009/2010)


- Revolt In Style Magazine (surfing and events shots)
- San Diego Beachlife Magazine


- Father Joe's 26th Children Charity - official photographer
- Surfrider Foundation Art Gala - official photographer
- Tailgater's Surfing association
- The University Club's events in San Diego

Personal "research":
- Shooting with models willing to share ideas and enjoy the quest for beauty
- Shooting random things and doing my best to make them look great...

Peeps I have the privilege to shoot with:

Models and/or artists:

Carlita SD MM#1416898
Haley-Kai MM#744886
Melissa Riso MM#507695
Livi MM#807130
Morgan M Mitchell MM#1073359
Olivia Korte MM#722191
Monica Haleh MM#420784
Tia the Tiger MM#285292
Portia Mango MM#539024
Josh Dunn MM#378488
Staci Ann MM#817639
Tattoo Betty MM#1084332
Patricia Hubbard MM#454127

Sarah Stephens
Katrina Lancaster
Julia Cooper
Julie Ann Cass
Brieanna Lopez
Deirdre Canning
Jessica De Col
Danielle Dutro (singer/songwriter)
Lacey Mc Namara (singer/songwriter)
Tasia Lopez
Elizabeth Prado
Vanessa L.