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About Me

A photograph represents a single moment in time, but a great photograph will show the moments leading up to and the ones following it...


MAKEUP: In a desire for greater artistic control, I've picked up the makeup brush. I find that I really enjoy it as it's own artform. I've been learning everything from basic looks to head to toe bodypaint.

I'm always on the lookout for different ways to capture images and emotions, and I'm looking for like minded people who enjoy doing the same. I'm hoping to eventually branch away from the conventional, and really learn to use unique methods of angle, composition and lighting effects to create some truly amazing shots.



06 May 14 16:38
Amazing port!
06 May 14 15:43
I luv your work and creativeness you put behind it
06 May 14 10:36
Love your Portfolio & your website! I've been getting into doing make-up myself and I honestly think it adds so much to the photo, don't you? :) Beautiful work, & welcome to istudio!
06 May 14 01:23
Love your work.
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