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About Me

Working in the Los Angeles Area, I'm trained in various visual forms.
I started out working in Music Videos + short films, but now I'm
juggling anything from Directing to Apparel designing to creating print + video ads.
I love all my jobs and I'm working for a stronger tomorrow
at this point in my life I'm taking selected TFs.
ideally I like to work with passionate and dependable models.
NOTE: I will Not work with models who show up unexpectedly on a shoot day expecting photos taken for them and sent to them. I will only shoot if it's set up previously with the model. No surprise shoots please.
if you like to collaborate on a project send an email or msg through mm.
my turnover time is 2-3 days with 10-15 touched up photos.
my shoots are laid back and professional. and you'll get great photos

Best regards,



I've been very fortunate to work with so many talented individuals.
Can't thank these people enough!! check their portfolios!!

Ai Q - Toronto, Canada - 764309
Desiree Estrada - Los Angeles - 591135
Gemma Nguyen - North Hollywood - 329502
Robert Ryu - Los Angeles - 1063296
Jenny Eve - Valley Village - 614902
Kyuri - Los Angeles - 329502

Jez Harris - Los Angeles - 813480
Olivia Ha - Mississauga, Canada - 807402
Purrple - Toronto, Canada, - 1250917