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About Me

I live the life most only dream of traveling the world and taking in everything it has to offer. I work in the entertainment industry tour managing bands internationally. In my free time I've managed to turn my love of art into a supplementary income by starting a design studio called Mercenary Media. Since 1996 I've worked as a free lance artist in Graphic Design, Merchandise Design, Web Design, Photography, and Video.

Photography is more then just a secondary income for me though. Photography has been in my life since I was a small boy. My father is a professional photographer who I was lucky enough to learn various skills from. Not only did he pass his artistic talent down to me, but he passed down his vast knowledge and love of photography as well.

I've been shooting on and off on a more serious level since 1996 and have spent a lot of time photographing various bands through my years of touring around the world. Some say I specialize in band photography, but honestly I enjoy capturing anything and everything I can with my camaera. Right now I'm working on expanding my portfolio a bit and trying to add more glamour, fetish, fashion, and pin-up photography. With my constant tour schedule my time is extremely limited. I do a limited amount of TF work, but it is completely dependent on my schedule.

Equipment: Nikon D700

**** Make-up: If any of you are looking for a make-up artist I highly recommend Petra (#2274). She is a MAC-trained freelance make-up artist and who I use for all my make-up needs. Feel free to contact her to see what she can offer you.****


Published Tour Photographer (Cesium 137, Dope, Motograter, Static-X, etc.)
Various ads, flyers, band pics, website content, etc.

www.MercenaryMedia.com [My Multi-Media Company]

(I'm currently in the process of updating my portfolio. I took a hiatus from up keeping my Model Mayhem page so most of the photos on here are over 5 years old. New photos are on the way.)


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