About Me

RF McFadden , a long time West Texas photographer is a native of the Lubbock area.

Mr. McFadden has dabbled in the arts all his life, including design and visionary projects, he has a great view of visual medias and has chosen the photographic arts as his path of expression.

McFadden attempts to capture the image both professional models and those whom have never posed before are looking to create. His interest lean towards natural lighting and top-of the line digital-imagining. He works towards perfecting the art of Photoshop (a computer application for visual artists),retouching and perfecting the images he and his clients create.

Lubbock serves as his home territory and professional base from where he travels to any destination to capture permanent images of personalities in their chosen places.

Anything requiring a “different��? perspective can count on Mr. McFadden to take the time and allow a visual story to unfold.

His enjoyment comes from the freedom the camera gives him to place his view on the world and allowing his clients and subject to create a vision without regard to set standards.