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*If you are a new model and are wanting me to pay you for building YOUR port, Im not your Photographer.(Unless I contacted you for a specific paid shot.)But if you would like to collaborate to build each others Portfolios and experiance, Please check me out.*


*FASHION- Fashion to me is much more than the newest cloths or what is in or out. Its about eye catching jaw dropping imagery! It's the Andy Warhol of photography. I compare it to the no apologies Punk rock of the 70s. If it grabs an emotion good or bad and its made its statement loud and proud, that is fashion. Extravagant colors in make up, Big hair, bold beautiful drastic shapes in poses. If its unexpected and new that€is Fashion.

*GLAMOUR- By definition-€˜'is a genre of whereby the subjects, are portrayed in a romantic or sexually alluring way. The subjects may be fully clothed or seminude, but glamour photography stops short of deliberately arousing the viewer".€ Yes I did copy and paste that from Wikipedia. It was hard to put into opinion ,Glamour for me; as glamour is not to me a genre as per say fashion, because glamour fits into everything; I.e. Fashion, swimsuit, nude, gothic exc.. So Glamour should be in every shoot!

*NUDE - What can I say about nude photography that is not obvious? Nude is the only "Fashion" that is always In. It has never been 'last season'€or€˜'out of date'. It can mean sex in art, sex and art, just art or just sex. Its expression, emotion, and freedom from the Vail we use to hide our inner and outer selves. Its a drug that can addict or medicate. Express or confess. Turn on or turn off.

*GOTHIC - Now I might offend some with this next statement, but no disrespect is intended. To me Goth is not about looking like a pin cushion and being tied up in black spandex! Even though I do like piercings, just because you have them in a photo does not make it 'gothic' or 'not fashion.' My approach to gothic photography, I have said many times is 'Marilyn Manson Hosts Americas Next Top Model'€ Both are concerned with style and portrays it very well. Also Vampire's can be gothic, but gothic is not vampires. Gothic can be inspired by the medieval art movement or the present day. One thing is for certain it is about darkness, and shadows, but not necessarily evil. It is the most beautiful thing when you can capture the light's soul in darkness. An enigma?..... Maybe.

*SWIMSUIT - Is just about fun in the sun glamour. An excuse to go to the beach and show off your sexy side. Its about easy light, and easy photos, even though greatly adored photos mind you. I'm always willing to shoot at the sexiest beach!

*PHOTOSHOP - Is perhaps one of my favorite tools a photographer has. I love to stretch the imagination with P.S. I do my own P.S. work and will not be needing a wizard, however Feel free to add me for you work inspires me greatly.

*BONDAGE - If any form of photography inspires me the least, its bondage. Even though I've seen some great work before, I find myself board with it easily. I am more into seeing women 'Breaking their chains'€ (so to speak) rather than surrendering to them! So if ever I do shoot bondage it will probably focus on the woman breaking free, or about to. Now that I've said that.. I'm excited about bondage!
** && I also do not like the female dominating (or enslaving) the male, bondage. Sometimes in our generation a woman can be stronger than a male either physical, but most likely mental and in self confidence. I've always been apposed to bullies, and this is just a form of abuse of the week. I'm trying to empower here, not break down.

*EROTIC ART - When you realize that Erotic Art Is to stimulate a sexual emotion from a sexual provocative pose, that with this is MUCH responsibility on how you portray it, and who you portray it to. Then, you admit that there is not a human on this blue planet is not intrigued to indulge in sex once in a while. Also admit to yourself that adult sex is not a perversion, but a beautiful thing as pure as the air in paradise. Then maybe you can see the beauty in (most) erotic art. I have never shot it, but I am not opposed to it, as long as it is handled in a appropriate artistic manner.

I have a passion for Photography.
I grew up with a Father who was an artist, mostly comic book and fantasy stuff. As a result I grew up seeing art from Illustrators like
Boris Valeo

and Frank Frezetta
and draw my inspriration from such.

My father made his art with his paintbrush, me I like to paint my art with a camera.

My wife (My partner in Photography, life, and crime) and I, are very much in to fashion, glamour, swimsuit, lingerie, implied, art nude and scenery.

Also I take pictures of sports so keep that in mind.

I ask that you try to be ok with nudity, especially implied nudity for artistic messure, but I am totally cool with what you deside.

My beautiful wife is my teamate and assistant that frequently finds her place infront of my camera, as seen in some of my pictures.

# I have the desire and vision to make artistic pictures

This is his beautiful team mate, model and wife...

Some interesting shots..



Read Only if you want.
When I was in 5th grade, My Teacher was head of the school news production studio. This came with great perks as he chose from his class for all major jobs, i.e. mixer, camera, sound and news anchor. I always had bad grades in school but this year changed, not only did he put me in charge of the cameras, He was the first teacher to make me appreciate my own work and follow that with better scholastic concentration to keep my job.

I fell in love with the camera, granted that was a video cam but it grew into all things TTL. (though the lens)
Back around 1996 My sister got a camera and started clicking away then got a job at a portrait studio; which furthered my interest. But it was what happened in 1998 that made me want to be a photographer, even though its quite abstract. My Father was killed in a car accident where he mysteriously passed out behind the wheel. As I am sure you can guess; this stunned and shocked my system! I had to know everything about the accident I had maybe four black and white photos of the accident scene that I studied religiously, But they where to under detailed.

For some reason I grabbed one of those point and shoot refillable things (cause I didn't know better) And stated shooting trying to figure out how to take those kinda pictures. To this day I love that "Jimmy Olsen/Peter Parker" type of photography.
I got away from it for a while until that same sister got me a job at a portrait studio. And I learned that my own project was not that far fetched. Now I had shot people before, mostly female, But from there on I knew I loved shooting people and communicating with those people in that rare fashion that only a photography can...
Now I consider myself more of a model Photographer, but still love shooting Families and field..



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