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About Me

I'm a professional photographer with many years experience, and a professional studio. I'm passionate about my work and enjoy working with others who are equally passionate about theirs. I also do fine art images that have sold worldwide. I don't like talking about myself, so I'll just let my images speak for themselves.

I'm always looking for inspired Models and MUA's looking to try something new and different.

I'm available for TFP if your project intrests me. I'm always available for paid shoots at very reasonable rates. Please feel free to contact me regarding your project and we'll work something out.

I am a professional with a true passion for photography. I believe to get great images, a shoot must be fun. If you feel good, you look good. If you want to work with a true professional, and have Fun, and get professional images, you came to the right place. Come on in, the door is open.

Feel free to contact me if you're serious about setting up a shoot; serious inquiries only please. I won't waste your time so please don't waste mine

If you schedule a shoot with me I WILL be there, and I expect you to be there also. I will not reschedule a shoot if you flake; and if you are a super flake [see definition below] you'll make it on my list of not recommended models.

Super Flake
Pronunciation: \ˈsü-pər ˈflāk\
Function: noun
Definition: a person who exhibits the characteristics of flakyness to an extreme or excessive degree, specifically models who schedule shoots and don't show the day of. They also fail to call or provide any logical or illogical explanation why they couldn't make it to a scheduled appointment and ignore calls or messages by photographer trying to figure out why they're not there yet.

Thanks for stopping by!


Beautiful Models I've worked with:

Nitch #367192 ***
SMartin #502244
Naomye Leiza #341534
Niki Taylor #377776
Queycy Lala #576307
BDSM StarLight #396073 ***
ColleenMcCown #432958 *****
Michelle Sim #706351
Kellie Mayhem #554067 **
Lindi Lauren #381354 ***
Chocolate Dipped Gina #177003
Dahae Samantha Chung #485826
Ms Xana #606990
Olga Timakova #194661
Trista Love #799342
Karin Mie #414635
Sera Evans #429140
Vika Babe #518736
Shantil Saiz #709305
Caitlin Kveeke (Not MM) ****
Maya Heacock (Not MM) ***
Laura Dunn (Not MM) **
Kai Roberts (Not MM) **
Marcella Treybig (Not MM) **
Laurie Chee (Not MM) **
Michelle Stogner (Not MM)
Michie Keisling (Not MM)
Myra Cleary (Not MM)
Jennifer Suwa (Not MM)
Ariel Koch (Not MM)

Male Models I've worked with:

Robert W Cabino #479227
Mikal Barchenger (Not MM) **
Jeff Davis (Not MM)

My Favorite MUA's:

Krystle Teocson #658323 **
FabBeautyHI #571709 ***
Keleka #376452 **
Kecia Tiana #355801
Christine Gardner #208271

Print & Web Ads:
Lily Lotus - Full Page 2008
Black Pearl Gallery - 2008
Lily Lotus - Web Catalog 2007, 2008, 2009
Pacific Harley Davidson - Web Catalog 2005 - 2009


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