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About Me

I have two on-going current projects that I desire female models for, both require models willing to be in a nude fetish shoot requiring light bondage. Although secondary models in one of them do not need to be nude or bound. Note, that for the most part I am only shooting these as an add on for the product shots to make it worth the model's time ot show up.

I am also looking for Fetish Product models,
At this time mostly male, but still have need of some female models for select items.

***With especially need for very large mouth models for product shots of extremely large ball gags (up to 3.0" in diameter). To determine if you even have a chance at this, measure from the bottom of the top teeth to the top of the bottom teeth with the mouth wide open, if this measurement is under 2.75" not going to work, would prefer someone who actually makes it to 3.0" mouth outright, but if it makes it to 2.75" I can use that.

To a lesser extent, extremely small mouth (for the small ones would need probably to be under 5 ft) models. Also, needing models for suspension cuffs, spreader bars (and variants), harness gags and possibly some collars.

Because of budget at this time looking for either local or models already traveling through my area of SE Virginia.