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About Me

Birmingham based photographer that spends a good bit of time in (25-30 days a year) Baton Rouge, LA. About 5 trips a year to Florida (panhandle area) and a couple times a year to Washington (Tri-Cities area).

Trade, TF, etc

While I will occasionally do some trade work, usually at Birmingham Media Networking Group events, this are the exceptions rather than the rule. I however may approach a model or two with a concept that I would like to do or experiment with. If someone has a great idea that they can sell me that they can do, then I will consider doing some trade work. Otherwise please contact me for my rates.

I shoot both in studio and on location.

Alabama area members, check out our networking group


Contact info
via email scottmcleodphoto at or at 205-283-2167.




Keira MM#799498 (traveling model) shot in Bham, AL
Whitney MM#737854 (model) Bham, AL
Sarah MM#889131 (MUA) Bham, AL
Heather MM# 873574 (model) Bham, AL
Jess MM#539418 (traveling model) shot in Bham, AL
Kristi MM#715885 (model) Bham, AL
Southern Cutie MM#1117841 (model) Baton Rouge, LA
Allison MM#1149053 (model) Bham, AL
Nicola MM#80111 (model) Bham, AL (multiple shoots)
Ravan C MM#1203114 (model) Bham, AL
Ronald MM#743801 (model) Bham, AL
Marlayna MM#1051993 (model) Panama City, FL
April MM#791050 (model) Bham, AL
Dayseann MM#478673 (model) Tallahassee, FL
Erika MM#558945 (model) Tuscaloosa, AL shot in Bham
Kelsi MM#1292972 (model) Bham, AL
Brittney MM#1258475 (model) Bham, AL (multiple shoots)
Lynz MM# 1348945 Bham, AL
Emily not on MM
Brandi not on MM
Joi not on MM Bham, AL
Hillie not on MM Bham, AL (multiple shoots)
Fielding MM# 1390215 Bham, AL (multiple shoots)
Nat MM# 1360831 Bham, AL
Larissa MM# Bham, AL
Kim MM# Bham, AL