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Jealousy - Jealousy

About Me

Hi all and thanks for coming by. I am a photographer of over 30 years and pride myself to always do my best that I can to make every photograph have impact on the viewers.

The models I have used over the years range from very skilled professionals to just beautiful women that allow me to capture their beauty.

I shoot to produce quality fine art prints for my portfolio, and Gallery shows as they come along.To have a body of work that is ever changing.

I am always looking for those that want to create. I believe that a models time is valuable as is mine. Times are tough these days and money is tight, but if we can work out the details I'm sure we can both get what we want.

So If you like what you see and would consider working with me then drop me a line and lets dicuss it.

Thanks for your time.


I credit all the models that have allowed me to capture their beauty.

A Photographic Poam (Author unknown)

A smile, A tear
Perhaps laughter, sometimes fear
Those are the things that a picture can capture
A moment kept in time forever,
With but a simple click
A precious space in time is cherished
To some it is an expression of artistry
Others enjoy it for the technology
But there is ever that human want for posterity
A picture can say a million things
Or say nothing at all
That depends on the artist, the viewer, the subject
It is there to remind us
Of hilarity, of sadness
Of things that once were


12 Jun 10 14:30
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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