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The images contained in this portfolio are taken from my other two main MM portfolios. One is for glamour/regular shots (MM#http://www.modelmayhem.com/poindexterphotography808) and the other is more artistic/implied stuff (MM#http://www.modelmayhem.com/eroartisticimages808). From those ports I take shots and dress them up for here. I DO NOT SHOOT EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS ACCOUNT

That being said...YES I want to add you as a friend, but to one of those accounts. Please take a look at both and send a FR to either or both--which ever you like.

And emANOTHER THING/em...I do not wish nor will I treat my MM presence here as another MySpace rip-off. I'm not here to "collect" friends.
- If you receive a FR from me, consider it an invitation to collaborate on a project at sometimes in the near future.
- If you send me a FR, then I'm considering it as an invitation to work with you sometimes in the near future.
- If you're on another continent--then let's just call it "if we're ever within lens distances of each other--let's work together!"

Ok...so if I receive a FR for this account and not the others, I'll send you one message. If I do not receive a FR for the appropriate account within one week of the message, your FR here will be denied

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The Photographer

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to check out my artwork. I am a photographer who turned to photography while studying classical painting back in college. I needed reference material for my paintings and photography become the best way to gather these references. Mind you, this was in the mid 70's...so I did a lot of my own development and grew to LOVE photography--especially black and white.

Digital photography has become the dominant media for the photography over the past few years. There are so many difference ways to manipulate pixels these days and I LOVE taking my photographs and turning them into works of "art".

I've been working on using various filters and plug-ins in Photoshop to take ordinary photographs and applying these filters to give them more of an artsy feel.

Hope you enjoy....

Ok...for the serious stuff

Will’s 10 Commandments!

1em We sign Model Release before I click. If you're interested in viewing the release, send me a message with an email address and I will send release to you ahead of time for your review./em
2em I don't provide MUA...personally I prefer natural. HOWEVER, I've gotten to know some really great MUA here and I see the extra look of professionalism they bring to an image./em
3em By "Experienced" I assume that means you know how to pose. I will provide directions but I leave it up to you how you interpret those directions./em
4em Stealing from a fellow photographer—if you’re looking for crap to fill up your MySpace—move along…nothing for you here!/em
5em I tend to shoot outside, which means I'm looking at either early morning or late afternoon light. However, I'm exploring some ideas for indoor shoots./em
6em Bring a friend if you want...I'd prefer you be comfortable so we can work./em
7em TFP/CD shoots. Regardless of which option you choose from below, once you have the CD you have 3 DAYS to select up to 10 shots for retouch or 3-5 for 8x10 prints.
Option 1 - I bring my laptop and burn CD there. This adds another 20-30 minutes to the shoot...or away from the shoot.
Option 2 - I burn the CD at home you get it the next day...guaranteed!/em

8emPaid Shoots. CD, retouched images, and prints should be NEGOIATED prior to the shoot./em
9em 18 and older please. A Model Release is a legal and binding document as far as I’m concern. So, unless your parents or guardian (and that’s not your 18+ boyfriend) is going to sign the MR, wait till you’re 18./em
10em I like to collaborate on the “theme” of the shoot ahead of time. I don’t show up and make it up as we shoot. Waste of time and effort! If you feel you do not need OR want to discuss a shoot--then chances are you DO NOT want to work with me./em
11 emIMPORTANT--NO FLAKE POLICY IN EFFECT/emem When I set up a time/place for a shoot, I'm going to be there. I would appreciate the same courtesy. Please let me know ASAP if you are not going to show up. Even if it is a tentative date, I treat it as a confirmed date and time.
- FLAKE me once - I might forgive
- FLAKE me twice - Don't bother--you get head of line from friend list to block list!
- FLAKE me a third time - I'm stupid and didn't learn from the first two times!

*** You DO NOT own the rights to any images I produce. You have the right to say whether they maybe be published or used on sites like Model Mayhem, MySpace, etc. You MAY NOT sell or use any images copyrighted by me with out written conscent. If the images are to be sold or displayed for profit, a contract WILL BE REQUIRED!

Ok...this is where I say--thanks for droppin by



The models used in the artwork can be seen in my other Model Mayhem accounts: