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About Me

I love photography, I am obsessed with it....It is not my career, it is my art and i really appreciate everyone that helps me continue shooting.

I now have a studio i am working out of only once a week. My normal schedule is on Wednesday evenings. I do however shoot other days either on location or in the studio with enough notice.

Things are slowing down a little because of the holidays, but its going well. I am using the studio for beauty and test shoots. If you shoot with me there and enjoy yourself and your photos and want to work with us again, then i will pitch you ideas for a weekend shoot. I would love to work with people i know and can count on and with on shoots that require a little more effort on the teams part. Mostly i am looking to take these shoots to location or execute a full concept. I really like to go to some cool locations or hot ones (out to the desert).

We usually shoot with wardrobe (courtesy of lily), however when we do not we can usually pull something from my girlfriends wardrobe and accessories.

I am only shooting TFP projects. I have several series i want to work on. I am also willing to work with models on their vision if you have something specific they want for their portfolio. This goes for other artists (makeup,designers,stylists,wardrobe) I love working on beauty and fashion and am always up for that.

I am also looking for any MUA/Hair Stylists/Wardrobe stylists to work with. I am available nights and weekends. I do have a few great people i have been working with on a regular basis and we are working on a Team, next step...a team name!

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