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Photo Editing:
Thank you for visiting my portfolio and considering me for future projects. I am here on MM to offer my techniques as a High End Editor and provide my services to you.

I have a subtle craft that is not over exaggerated that respects the hard work of the Make up Artist Photographer and collaborating staffs original production. I am here to help you make your work shine.

I am also a photographer and so if you would like to step in front of my lens check out my work on my website as well. All images you see marked with my logo or name are shoot by me personally. Take a look and see the skill behind the camera as well.

Photoshop is just a tool to help the images look better, and my job is to help you look your best. I now have a studio and will be looking for models of all types to work with. Limited TFCD but very fair rates.


06 Mar 10 16:18
I make custom made angel wings and high end costume pieces. If you'd like a rate quote send reference photos and specs to dofbyvk@yahoo.com
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