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On Indefinte Hiatus (as of 10/27/11)!

I have a background in event photography and am looking to diversify. My interests run the gamut, from editorial and fashion, to artistic and experimental. I have several shoot ideas I am eager to try but am also flexible to attempt something new.
At the moment, I am most interested in TF, though I will also consider other arrangements. I have ongoing interest in working with models needing sets for Zivity.
I am big on communication: pre-, during-, and post-shoot. I find most unpleasant situations can be resolved with better communication, and many awful ones can be avoided with excellent communication.

Best way to initially contact me is via email: dae@daeenterprises.net

I look forward to hearing from you.


Testimonials & Comments:
Katlyn Lacoste : (MM#1227596)“Shooting with Daeman was absolutely awesome! He is one of the most professional photographers in the community you will find. Full of ideas, very respectable, and a pleasure to work with. If you get the chance to shoot with Dae do not miss it! You have have a fantastic experience! If you have any further questions I will be more than happy to answer. Dae gets 5 thumbs up. :)”

Anastia Rose: (MM#1999296) “My very first shoot I ever did Daeman was one of six photographers that I worked with. Some of them were nice, some were creepy. But Daeman was different. I instantly felt comfortable shooting with him. He gave good directions and had good ideas on poses. A few months later I called him and asked if he could help me do a few more shoots and he took time out of his busy schedule to help me. I had a blast shooting with him. He is very professional and I have never felt uncomfortable working with him. He is a great photographer.”

Lilly: (MM#1640131)” I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Daeman. We had a misunderstanding at first through email but it was all worked out when we spoke via telephone, Dae is huge on communication and that's something that I appreciate dearly as a model. The photoshoot itself was amazing, I was very comfortable around him, and he had so many ideas that I was able to pick and choose. He brought lots of fun clothes, and when it was time for the nude portion of our shoot he was really professional and respectful, even brought me a robe to ensure my comfort, I would love to work with him again!”

Caylee Shea: (MM#1800487)” Daeman was a true pleasure to work with. He is very proffesional and always followed through on concepts and ideas planned on. I reccomend every beginning model to do a shoot with Daeman.”


Models:(Recently worked with are at top of list. Multiple times are starred.)

Lindsay – MM#1735565

Asteria – MM#2213923

Gwendolyn Jane – MM#1145015

*Channel – MM#1127864 (As of 03/27/11)

*Bree Paige – MM#457516 (As of 03/27/11)

*Harliii – MM#2128257 (As of 03/27/11)

Jenna-Lynn – MM#142537

Kaylinn MM#1271259

Isis – MM#2090977

Michelle Marquette – MM#418910

Seraphine – MM#1582716

Chloe Nasser – MM#1561491

Drea Bulletproof – MM#409018

CassieAriel – MM#1907847

*Bella Von Ecstasy – MM@1484466 (As of 03/27/11)

April Potts – MM#1252994

Elisa Ambrose Berlin – MM#1626208

Chandlor Johnson – MM#1943695

Jetta Rayne – MM#1646517

Jessie Guido – MM#1435975

Juliette Fressinier – MM#1216320

Courtney Beugelink – MM#

Tony Wild – MM#752729

Katlyn Lacoste – MM#1227596

Lilly – MM#1640131

Katlyn Lacoste – MM#1227596

Lilly – MM#1640131 - MM#1640131

*Anastia Rose – MM#1889296

*Caylee Shea – MM#1800487 (As of 11/21/10)

Hope Noel – MM#1697478

Cheryl – MM#1754266

Odrina – MM#1754266

Mandee – MM#1001868

Cecily Helm – MM#1713295

Cherry Rockett – MM#1709139

Lana Tourniquet – MM#1651248

Gina Barros – MM#863141

Sammie M – MM#439204

Briana Robertson – MM#1472785

Krystine Lisa – MM#1195300

*Cat Moone – MM#1621764 (As of 05/22/10)

Natalie Angela – MM#471698 & MM#625923

Kimm Davies – MM#1602098

Lady Mix a lot – MM#1419459

Antonita – MM#1282645

Jessica June - MM#1489976 & MM#1638062

DeSean Goree - MM#1420379

GGenevieve - MM#482067

Funz - MM#693428

Ashton - not on MM

Bella Swan - not on MM

Alivia - not on MM

Renee Stephens - MM#1617315

Bertney Burgess – MM#1525025

Esmeralda – MM#1524741

Veronica Vaughn – MM#1342508

Naomi Jade - MM#1440558

Jackii - MM#1453592

*Leslie Thompson - MM#1479829

Binnebah - MM#1489332

*SamIAmm - MM#1291867 (as of 03/14/10)

Raine Mae - MM#1475452

*Laurel Rae - MM#1071692 (as of 02/21/10)

Darla - not on MM

Robyn Rigby - MM#1440549

*Emily Millizer - MM#1449767 (as of 08/21/10)

Corey Koeppel - MM#62887

Tayler Ball - MM#886407

Deveyn - MM#1410630

Danceloid - MM#1292289


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