About Me

*** Looking for NYC (downstate NY -- Albany South to Port Jervis) / North Jersey Models to Shoot Pretty / Sexy in Denim ***

** Christmas in NYC ** Miss Claus, Fireplace ... Christmas Tree and Hot Chocolate .... Roasting Marshmellows .... Sexy in Red ... Are You Ready?

Would you like to be my (muse):
(n.)the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker, or the like.

** Would love to work with Models whom still want the art of photography and modeling vs "This is a Job"

*** I Will Not Pay Models Nor Do I Expect to be Paid *** I Do Photography Because I Love it .... So If That Excludes You From Wanting To Shoot With Me Sorry *** Photography for me is a form of expression and I don't just shoot photos of models I love architecture, landscape and the images that captivate me as I pass them.

Photography and Modeling Are Forms Of Art ! The photographer attempts to capture what they see or feel, the model expresses herself, the make up artist, hair stylist and fashion / costume designer use their craft to a create a product for others to use.

I am looking to collaborate and create Art with Models, Photographers, Make Up Artists, Photoshop Wizards … To work together with the therapeutic value of art along with the finished product being the main goals I look to achieve.

I am again working in the Fashion Industry for a long time Denim Manufacturer and would love to do some Alternative Fashion and Sexy in Denim Shoots?



Gary, Laura, Britney, Shalee, Chantelle, Nina Jade, Ashley, Michelle, Joanna, Yelana and so many other wonderful people I have worked with Thank You !!!