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So, makeup... yeah... been doing makeup for a VERY VERY long time... I don't even know how long! I started off painting drag queens in Boston and somehow that led to employment with Sephora where I learned everything there is to know about every makeup line that exists. I also discovered that I'm allergic to most of what's out there and found a few lines I could work with, as bases, and as a result I custom-make pretty much all of the makeup that I use. I can say that it is not remotely toxic for your skin, you can't get more brilliant colors and the stuff is actually waterproof... fully waterproof, in fact!

Stylistically, I can do anything from completely natural to actually making a man look like a very attractive woman. There isn't anything I haven't done before or had thrown at me before! I LOVE doing elaborate makeup that involves a lot of colors, shapes and let's me treat the face like a blank canvas. Of course, I can follow instructions and don't have to be so avant garde. I'm a licensed esthetician so I know what I'm doing from a scientific standpoint as well and well... that's me in a nutshell.

No style is off-limits, no look is too difficult... if it exists I can do it, and that I can promise you!



I'm a bit schizo... can't just stick with one aspect of the art:

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