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About Me

Hello all!

Hope all is well!

Firstly, thank you for talking the time to read through my Profile.

I guess you would like to know about me! Well, I was born in the UK and moved to the US in 1997. Live there for 8 years and was in the music and fashion industry. While in the States, I used to be a Fashion Director for "Hip Hop" style photo shoots. In 2000, I decided to pick up the camera myself and see what happens! Thank God, it took me to a whole new world!

In 2005, moved back to the UK and started my career in Photography. Since then I have been blessed with many bookings and now have clients that are looking for some different style Photography.

My goals are simple, to exceed my skills as a photographer, to work with models that are eager to rise in this industry and lastly to BECOME FAMOUS!!!

I am always in the search for new models to work with; Amatuer or Professional! This year I have great and exciting locations where I will be shooting and is now looking to get models confirmed for these shoots!!!




Stephanie Rodriquez
Arveen Kaur
PK "The Unknown Superstar"
Uttam Shah
Jags Liddah
Darshika Devi
Elizbieta Lis
Saba Habib
Chris Wade

Model Mayhem Models:

Charbec Baker #1052227
Tasha French #705928
Sarika Chantel #1061143
Zeynab #572351
Jessica Hussain #1094388
Raj C #692765
Jessica Edwards #865264
Layla May #878359
Neha2008 #1065090
Simone Spartaco #1013833
Clementine #720130
Quben #563484
Sammie #636653
Miranda #1046560
Sam Ahmed #733468
Amber T #1247901
Donatella #85293
Samira #736833
Elena #1226044
Portia Freno #107298
Bahar Bekir #1059173
Kunita #883226
Neha Prashar #599321
Neeru Bhandari #592372
Gina Maria #689034

Make-Up Artists:

Sharn Hunjan #1040216 - Highly Recommended
Raj Dhillon #623040
Shana Begum
Dil Matharu
MarUsh #751742
XNB Beauty #1064904

Hair Stylist:

Mariam Ali FabHair #764362


Gary Rhodes Restaurant, Marble Arch, London
Carbon Bar, Marble Arch, London
The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London
Lovage Restaurant, London SE1
Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, London
Royal Regency, East London
Docklands, United Kingdom
Canary Wharf, London, UK
Mo's Bar, East London, UK
Private Studio, London, UK
Empire Billiards, New York, USA
Beach Location, Cancun, Mexico


Layla LX #1035121

Iky #616185


26 Mar 10 17:31
You have some great images! would love to work with you :)
13 Jul 09 16:45
Hello! You have good page! Can you visit my profile, please and tell me what do you think about my photos? Thanks, Ruslan:)
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