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About Me

Beauty does not make you a model; equally, equipment does not make me a photographer. Take some time to find out what does....


Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my page.
My name is Jon "Canonjon" Devo, may I take this opportunity to warn you:

*Off topic - I have an incurable silly streak which although doesn't get in the way of professionalism; it does mean I will try anything twice, hate routine and thrive on "happy accidents".

My goal as a Photographer/Image creator?

To evoke the full spectrum of human emotion:

- When people see my work I want them to smile to themselves and laugh out loud even if theyre all alone.
- I want a gallery closed because some angry mob has protested outside and thrown bricks through windows.
- I want babies to be made whilst as my pieces hang on bedroom walls.
- I aim to bring tears of sorrow to the eyes of people in warm remembrance of lost loved ones or tears of joy whilst reminiscing about the most precious moments in their lives.
- I want to be the cause of "man hugs", "big hugs" and the celebratory "hug from a stranger in a pub" hug.

Will be a challenge to achieve but it's the connections my images make, that make me give a damn about capturing and creating images.

Back to business:

I like to describe myself as an Image maker rather than a Photographer, with a specific focus in portraits and exploring stories through image making.


I entered the world of image creation over seven years ago, working as a Digital Retouch Artist for other Photographers. Not being able to find some Images I needed for my composite work I decided to photograph and capture them myself.

Seven years later, imagery I've created has been used in print and online by a number of global brands, most notably; PUMA, Nike, British Telecom Plc and HMV as well as shooting a lot of events and conferences for Music Industry, Tabloid and Corporate publications.

BUT! *Breathes* I still have a heck of a lot learn and I am always looking to collaborate and explore new ideas for potential campaigns and projects (Professional as well as Personal)

Please get intouch if you are interested in collaborating with or commissioning me to assist on any projects you have coming up or have always wanted to try and never had the chance to.


"Next time you want to "shoot", instead of a camera use a gun on your foot - it's quicker; easier; and you will know in advance where the pain is going to come from."



18 Feb 11 07:32
i like your work! barby
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