About Me


The creativity and diversity of my images speak for themselves. A photographer for many decades, I enjoy the spontaneity of the "moment", what I "see" at any point in time. The subject matter is quite irrelevant. The "now" is what it's all about which means that I expect and want to photograph a wide variety of subjects, objects and scenes. Even when working with models, I'll have a basic, general plan, but the unintended will always happen. Photography remains, forever, exciting. I have often been asked about my studio name. The name is in honour of one of my beloved pets, a pedigreed Blue Cream Persian cat, A Bit Blue. I brought him to the US, but he tragically died from Arizona desert predators.

A constant theme in my photographs is colour. Colour is everywhere in our lives and like breathing air, we often take our colourful experiences for granted. Credit my privileged life in a sea of Black African poverty for that. My poorer countrymen may not have had running water and toilets in their awful shacks, but they could at least paint their front doors red, yellow or blue or wear brightly coloured clothing. At least something was atractive in their otherwise miserable lives.

Never the less, thanks for visiting my portfolio. I understand that our economy has been and still is in a difficult recession which means that I have adjusted my rates accordingly. Please review some of my projects below and contact me for a quote:

(1) KRYSTELLA ATELIER OMP#94880 (an emerging Arizona clothing designer): PAID – At this time I am looking for models who are on the smaller side ( 5-2, 100/120 lbs, 34B/C). The photos are for this designer's website, catalogs and promotional material. There are also 2/3 occasions each year for modeling at in-store functions, etc. Because of costs, the likely model will probably live in Arizona, traveling to Scottsdale. This is an on-going project.

(2) TFP POLICY: I like working with individuals who pique my interest and who are interested in doing different things to show the diversity & creativity in my work. I can help you build your portfolio, going beyond traditional head shots and promotional photos. Models will receive high resolution, edited images on a CD of all their sets normally within two weeks. The rights to use these photos will be shared. I prefer to shoot outside, early in the morning on weekends and during any day of the week in the afternoon using natural light; I also like traditional studio shoots. TF sessions are very limited, but please feel free to request such an effort.

(3) CONCEPT DRIVEN PERSONAL PUBLICATIONS, such as "Shape & Form" (which includes some artistic nudes), "Street People & People on the Street", Colourful Structures". I shoot digitally and on black & white film. I have spent decades working in the design/sports (mainly rugby, cricket, & soccer) promotion/media business. Some of my main projects include Rugby World Cup 1995 (the subject of "Invictus" a Morgan Freeman film), World Cup of Golf 1996, & the promotion of the City of Cape Town for the 2004 Olympics.

I HAVE WORKED WITH THESE OMP MEMBERS & MANY, MANY OTHER MODELS: Those models that I manage control their own portfolios and presentation. I act purely as an adviser to help them market their skills and deal with the many offers and potential offers that they may receive. I do not use models for my commercial projects until they have completed a test shoot where I have the opportunity to assess their skills, appearance, reliability and commercial potnetial

+Krystella Atelier ------- OMP #94880. Her designs are really awesome.
*Kristina ----------------- OMP #174664
*Haley ------------------- OMP #28048 (visit haleyland.com)
*Zoey -------------------- OMP #108833: efficient, very pleasant, no nonsense model. Highly recommended.
*Cami ------------------- OMP #125397
*Malory ------------------ OMP#156236:
*Miranda ----------------- OMP #122742
*Crush ------------------- OMP #8342;
*Tina --------------------- OMP #113266
*Madeline -----------------(www.members.tripod.com/madelinejacobs);
*Jade Blue -------------- OMP# 16468
*Brandi Jean ------------ OMP #122026
*Brandy ------------------ (http://members.fortunecity.com/brandyhunter);
*Moana ------------------ OMP#62334 (visit greedygoddess.com)
*Amparo ----------------- OMP #185201 naturally very photographic;
*Valerie ------------------ OMP #22818
*Miya --------------------- (Lisa) OMP# 47657.
*Sumita -------------------(photographed @ CJ's Film Studio)
*Brittany ----------------- OMP #194702 a natural beauty; a pleasure to work with
*Rebecca ----------------- (photographed @ CJ's Film Studio)
*Tiffany ------------------- (photographed @ CJ's Film Studio)
*Susan -------------------- OMP#165086 (visit susanmoody.com)
*Laurie ------------------- OMP#100301 (visit laurietyler.com)
*T'Kayla ------------------ Model Mingle #T005358
*Mindy --------------------- OMP#104235
*Linzey Lane ------------ OMP#193403
*Kara Kara --------------- MM #6300
*Sonia -------------------- MM #81614
*Renee -------------------- OMP#118443
*Aimee -------------------- OMP#376000
*Kaylee ------------------- OMP#252104
*Daisy --------------------- OMP#281282
*Katy_T ------------------- OMP#101255
*Cheri --------------------- OMP#402934
*Candace ----------------- OMP# 3970
*Kim ----------------------- OMP#408470
*Percolate ---------------- OMP#412319
*Bonnie Parker---------- OMP#150668
*Jiselle -------------------- OMP#413704
*Reyna -------------------- OMP#415231
*Samantha Grace --------- OMP#168161
*Ciara ------------------ OMP#421179
*Anais --------------------- OMP#403617
*Michelle ------------------ OMP#423313
*Michelle Walton ----------- OMP#413624
*Devon ------------------- OMP#424593
*Christina------------------ OMP#430170
*Renee Stevens -------- OMP#433009
*Samantha Maguzu------ MM#XXXXXX
*Toni ----------------------- OMP#424249
*Trisha---------------------- OMP#404565
*Blanch -------------------- OMP#380036
*Alyssa -------------------- OMP#441430
*Jessica --------------------- OMP#431941
*Hanaye -------------------- OMP#465465
*Kelly ----------------------- OMP#442780
*AleciaB --------------------- OMP#453971
*Amber Lynn --------------- OMP#448697
*Krystal Ann --------------- OMP#403714
*Cameo Michelle ---------- OMP#461379
*Kimberly ------------------- OMP#451591
*Brenda --------------------- OMP#344695
*Cheyenne ----------------- OMP#462295
*Lavella --------------------- OMP#467842
*Alexis ---------------------- OMP#467842
*Jamie Valida -------------- OMP#470173


*Greg Gerla OMP #140294: A great photographer and teacher
*Chris Baczynski OMP #200529: produces stunning images; seeing is believing.


(1) Also thanks to OMP and the 1000's who voted for me in the April 2011 B&W image/portfolio competition. THE FIRST PLACE SELECTION WAS TRULY A SPECIAL AWARD.