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“I don’t do average, I do Wow!” That’s my creed, remember it…

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Me As Your Photographer:

01: You will be treated with the utmost respect.
02: The work we do together will get you noticed.
03: Creativity is my thing, I invented it (ok maybe a little lie but I’m good at the creative thing)
04: I have a great since of humor, love what I do and it shows in my work.
05: I love a challenge so even if your ugly I can make you look better (hey, kidding it’s the humor thing) If however you are good looking, just think what I can do for you! (have I made you lol yet?)
06: I give great direction to bring out your best!
07: You will have fun and get great images in the process!
08: My rates are some of the most reasonable in the industry.
09: I take the word Professional seriously and will your images as well.
10: Once again, I don’t do average, I do Wow!

Disclaimer: The above was done in fun with a little seriousness mixed in as well.


I am a well published professional photographer from Alabama, home to many talented photographers and models. Creating images is a full time passion and the way I earn my living. So that means I charge for what I do. I am always available for interesting photo projects. Whatever your photo needs are, be it personal, professional or commercial. I can produce the images you need. Giving direction to models comes natural to me and you will find me laid back and easy to work with. Just give me a shout by email with a description of your needs and I will be happy to discuss working with you.

Like my creative images and want to work with me?
Tired of getting snap shots?
Ready to break loose and get creative, impressive images?

Consider my fees an INVESTMENT in good images for your needs. NOTE: I require a 50% Deposit to book and set a shoot date. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel or no-show. I've invested my time to set up the shoot regardless. Credit and debit cards as well as good old cash accepted.


It's Very-Very Limited. Impress me and we will see. (not ego just business)
I don't PAY models, clients do. If they have a job needing models, they will pay you.

Occasionally I do test shoots with models or have creative sessions available to try a new style or update my portfolio. That is usually the only time I will do TFP. Sorry. I’d love to be able to shoot you all. I can however guarantee that if you BOOK ME you will get my best work!

On set with Playboy photographer Jarmo, model Ksenia Tsiulina and Paul Hamer


Numerous Calendars
Magazine Covers
Print Advertisements
Model and Photographer Workshop Events Teacher, Creator and Provider.


23 Sep 13 22:38
luv the work, very hot
21 Aug 12 21:02
Hey Dude, what's up! Good to see ya on here... Killer work as always...:) See ya in PC in Oct!
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