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About Me

I work part time on the Mississippi River or the Intercoastal Canal, six/seven months a year. So if don't reply for a few days have patience, I will, normally with in a few days.

The past year or so I’ve been working on upgrading my license etc, and have not had a reliable schedule to plan shoots around. But that is coming to an end early next year and I will be shooting regularly again.

So if I’ve sent you email or a friend request recently it is cause I want to work with you in the future, and that makes it easier for me to find you…..


This port is primarily art and erotic nudes. Even when not doing nude work prefer to work with models that are comfortable with their body.

We all know nothing is free, time is valuable. My rates are very reasonable, so if you need to update you book, port, etc…. I can shoot what ever you want from fashion, casual, glamour, fetish, even adult if you need, studio, or your location. As for art projects and or collaborations I may do TF if it is something I’m interested in or sounds fun.

I will work with all body types and races, don’t mind escorts as long as they don’t put a damper on the shoot, I may put them to work, or ask them to wait out of the shoot area. I do require a release.

So if you'd like to work together or discuss projects just give a shout here, at or call 334.332.3971

About me:
I’ve been shooting since I was a child, taught myself how to use an old manual camera and develop BW film. I do reserve the right to shoot with old and obscure cameras.

I’ve been shooting wedding, portraits, and an occasional commercial job for a number of years. These jobs help pay the bills. But I prefer art, nudes, nature and abstract photography.



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15 Jun 11 00:31
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