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About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile.

I am a 40 year old guy who loves photography and charcoal/graphite drawing. I recently started branching out to the area of movie-making and sculpture. Aside from that I do own a Company that does scientific research and product development.

I am at the point where I barely have time to work on my own projects. So if you want me to consider working with you on TF(P/CD/DVD or combination of these), you need to fit in one of the projects that I have. List of projects is available upon request.

Currently I shoot with Nikon D300 digital, Olympus E-500 digital (backup), and Pentax 645N medium format film (120 and 220).

Prints up to 13x19 can be produced in the studio, anything larger has to go to the lab.

CD with finished images available for pick-up or shipping/e-mail/download within 14 days from the shoot. Complex re-touching that requires serious alteration of the image shot may take longer.

CD with slide-show of proofs for our selection available same day if you can stay about an hour after the shoot.

Make-up chair, mirrors and lights are provided. I do some of the make-ups, and sometimes hire MUA if I have something specific in mind. All other cases - make-up and hair is your responsibility. If you need MUA's help I can suggest a few affordable ones, or get it done prior to arrival.

Some accessories and clothes are available in the studio, but when I work with you of TF-basis it is generally your responsibility. (You don't expect me to ask you for a spare lens or a roll of film, right?!)

I do have a few basic requirements:
- escorts are welcome as long as they remain in waiting room;
- I am open to detailed discussion of the project prior then we shoot, but once we shoot - no drama is expected or tolerated.
- if you have a problem with something - speak up. I am not a member of Kenny Psychic network to guess what's on your mind.
- I get my gear and location prepared for the shoot, I expect you to come prepared to shoot as well.
- when I shoot - I own images. You want non-commercial release from me - no problem, but let me know ahead of the time.
- stuff that is shot for publication or exhibits can not appear on your folio prior to such publication or exhibit.
- I don't work with minor's unless parents are willing to stay on the set throughout the whole shoot. I am not a babysitter for your wild child.
- If your clothes are wrinkled and generally look like cow chewed on them for awhile - Studio has a steamer, iron and ironing board. And that is your job to fix it.
- and to conclude this - once again: No drama-queens/kings!

My rates are fair and reasonable. Yes I am a little more expensive than a childhood friend of yours holding an snap-shot camera, but if you won't be be shy to ask - you may be pleasantly surprised.

My studio has 2 additional photographers and a videographer that can be called upon if needed.


Do not hesitate to contact me at (216) 255-5119 or - old site - new site (under construction)


I am currently working (that is if we can call working sporadic time spent on projects) on personal exhibits:

Artistic photography:
"Conversation with a model"
(idea is to capture emotions of a model during a conversation about different aspects of their lives)
Model credits so far:
Clair Byrd (San Diego, US) - 2006
Jamie DeJarnette (North Olmsted, US) - 2006
Sasha Kozhukhantseva (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Mila Chelmer (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Maria Russkikh (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Darina Shan (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Kseniya Mozovestkaya (Donetsk, UA) - 2008
Anastasia (Moscow, RU) - 2009

"The way I see her"
(my view of female body and my sense of her beauty)
Model credits so far:
Wendy Gerrish (San Diego, US) - 2006
Elyzabeth (Beachwood, US) - 2006
Svitlana Yaschuk (Parma, US) - 2006
Kim -aka KDC (Tennessee, US) - 2009
Sydney (Akron, US) - 2006
Jessica (Detroid, US) - 2009
Anastasia (Moscow, RU) - 2009

"The darker side of me"
(dark glam portraiture of a female behavior and emotional stages under severe stressful circumstances)
Sasha Kozhukhantseva (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Darina Shan (Moscow, RU) - 2008
Kim -aka KDS (Tennessee, US) - 2009
Jessica (Detroid, US) - 2009

Photo journalism:
"My Travels"
(self explanatory)

"Zorgs" - currently casting for it.
"Carmelo" - true life story of a mexican immigrant wrongly accused of a murder and convicted in US)
"Ladies of Prophesy: Celestial Intervention" - fantasy story about angles who always end-up misjudging the circumstances and situations and through some divine intervention at the end always end-up doing the right things"

- looking for my first victim

Additionally, Iam planning to publish a series of photographs taken during the years with models that I think worth their own page in my work. I plan to call it "The Best of" series.
Credits so far 2005-2009:
Wendy Gerrish
Adela Fulea
Andrea Plotts
Ashley Deihl
Carla Vitolo
Jamie DeJarnette
Jenna Kareem
Deborah Mendez
Jelena Lovrich
Margaret Fronimos
Mila Chelmer
Looking forward to add to it.

This series will be available from my website and as a periodic exhibit in my studio.