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I'm a 30 year old photographer living in Chicagoland. I have been performing the art of photography since 1996. I display my work in misc galleries across the country. If you are interested in working with me on one of my photo series, or have an idea you would like to work with me on, please contact me to talk about it. Currently TFP's are very limited to unique ideas and things to benefit both of our portfolio's. I do have very fair rates, and have new rates & photo packages available on my website / myspace page. I am also currently thinking about publishing my first book. Thank you for looking at my art. - Mr Willy

Willy Adkins Bio
Born in Dekalb Illinois in July of 1980, Willy Adkins first found his eye for details in 1996 while at Cocoa Beech Florida. He was at the beech at about 4:30 in the morning watching the sun come up. He had a simple 35mm disposable camera in hand and took what he feels is his most amazing photo of 2 dolphins coming up out of a white cap wave between some palm trees with a beautiful sun coming up on the ocean horizon. It was that early morning that he decided to pursue photographic arts further…

Known throughout the country for his model portfolio production and desire to push the creative edge, Willy has gained much respect and attention for pushing to create art with shock value and bold appeal. He has always had the desire to make his work different, and gave his work the name “Deviant Desires Photography – The Art of Willy Adkins” for that reason. Willy has traveled to several places across the country and worked with hundreds of models seeking art rather then simple photos.

Outside of Photography Willy is well known for being the CEO of Spook Show Entertainment. SSE is a production company that produces radio, TV, film, music festivals, film festivals and charity events. Willy is also very well known as a paranormal investigator for the Illinois Ghost Hunters, Afterlife Paranormal and The Paranormal Research Community. But if you are to ask him what his most proud achievement is, he would reply “Being Daddy”

My Instant Messengers:

Yahoo: slickwilly1980
AIM: slickwilly1980
MyspaceIM: DeviantDesires


Other Info About Me:

I also model (MM #361240) and act, and I have recently been cast for a part in a film called "Tales from the Script" and worked on and off screen for "Dr. Spine". Several other film projects in the works that I'm either producing / directing or acting in.

I am very well know as an event host using the character "Mr Willy".

I am Co-Director of Festivals of Fright (parent company to The Chicago Horror Film Festival & The Indy Horror Film Festival)

I am Co-Director of Music of Horror, Ladies of Horror & Art of Horror

I also offer graphic arts services. I design logos, websites, fliers & banners.


Currently Photo Series I'm working on:

I am currently looking for models for a couple new photo series. All of the different series are listed below and in order of importance to me (first one most desired / urgent). I am offering TFP to models interested in helping me get these series together. These works are very likely to be displayed in an art gallery in the future. Any question please ask. ~ Willy

Projected Image Series - (images projected on a model) this is an idea that has been used before several times that I have not yet tried. I have experimented with editing some images of this nature, and have created some AMAZING effects with it unlike others I've ever seen... And now I have the desire to put together a series out of it as well. This series also requires nudity. I have just found access to a projector, and have recently started on this one. To see and example or express interest contact me.

Black Light Series - I have been working on this series for a couple year now. It breaks down pretty simple. I am doing photos in blacklight with glow in the dark body paint. This effect has proven to be quite amazing! And I want to create a large portfolio of such work. I have worked with several models on this project, but I'm still seeking more. I want to have around 40 individual models pose creating enough images to fill a gallery display of 120 pieces. This series does require full nudity (just so your aware). Contact me if interested in taking part in this series!



Model Mayhem Models I have Worked With:

Euphoria #1089967
The Galactic Star #363769
Linnae #249739
Baelie Martini #143951
Joanna Cardinoza #211955
GeNOciDaL cReATiOn #117223
Rachael Abel #10895
Medusa Sx #93362
ShaNIN #11387
Phalesia #9992
The Immaculate Defect #32141
Ivory Rocker #142021
Shayna #851394
Krystabelle #171626
Amy L Podgorski #181876
Gore Whore #30224
dwntwnjazzaddict #16473
s3xyinsomniac #11497
Synder #360535
Courtney #518261
Liz #468277
Kytten LeMew #111295
Penny Layne #182520
Elyse Rocks #314287
Gin #362880
Jade83 #35923
Very Pretty Girl #865867
Geo Alderson #1583429
Mr. Willy (yes this is me) #361240

Other Photographers I have worked or networked with:

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Make Up Artists:

Deviant Desires Designs #9988 (yes, I do MU too!)
KorDelya Kosmetics And Design #1222988
Medusa Sx #93362

*If I have missed you, please let me know so I can add you to this list. Thanks 0

Other Credits:

Featured Artist @ The Wits End Art Gallery in Aurora IL October 2007
Featured Artist @ "Art of Horror" - The Chicago Horror Film Festival - Chicago's Portage Theater September 2008
Featured Artist @ "Midnight Unleashed" Art Gallery Show in Dekalb IL November 2008

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