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Although for the most part I just enjoy shooting photos. I always look for more and creative scenes to add to model photography. I like to find different locations and scenes to include in model photography. I love to incorporate locations and other elements along with the person. If you would like to to shoot please message me.


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05 Apr 14 18:26
Fabulous port!
23 Jun 13 09:57
I will arrive charleston june 26
03 Sep 11 09:34
Thanks for the FR and the TAG! I really like your port! :)
17 Aug 11 11:42
Thanks for the FR! Perhaps our paths will cross in the future! ;^)
08 Jul 11 00:33
Hi Bernie, It's great to see you here. Very nice page and photos as always. Love your work. Keep it up. Welcome to iStudio family!!!! Hope you like this site. Everyone are friendly here. Stay in touch....xo Marianne WRS
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