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I'm pretty easy going, laid back with a funny demeanor and easy to build a repertoire with. I work based off of the client's energy, creativity and passion so the more you contribute will lead to how excellent your photo's quality develops. RCC photography does an array of photos including but not limited to fashion, artistic nudes/implied nudes, head shots, family shots, kid's photos and themes shoots like outdoors, dramatic, theatrical as well as a simple backdrop. Reasonable rates available and TFCD and test shots on occasion and all shoots done in my office/photography studio located in Stockbridge, GA. Willing to go on-location and after shoots will provide three touch-ups of your choice and additional photos will be at a nominal fee. **For any additional information such as contact info, rates and schedule please email me at rccphotography@gmail.com

It is your right to bring an escort to the shoot, however it's also my right to ask them to wait outside. With that said, there are rules to escorts being allowed in my sessions:

1. Only ONE (1), maybe be allowed @ any given time.

2. Escorts can not be anyone that is going to limit/hinder/restrict your performance or make you feel uncomfortable acting, posing or responding in a certain way. But if you must bring one, please inform me that you are bringing one, and secondly inform your escort there maybe be a chance they have to wait in the car!!





03 Jan 17 16:20
Nice Photos :)
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Nice work!
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