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I graduated with a diploma in graphic arts just before the age of the PC. I studied photography and business advertising for awhile and have an artistic background. Photography back then was a serious hobby. Then when my family came along all was forgotten and I became busy raising that familyuntil several years ago.
NOTE: I am not making a living from photography nor do I intend too. No need to now... I retired early. I have no illusions of becoming a famous photographer just one who is fun to work with. I have done a number of weddings and helped aspiring models with their portfolios. I am enjoying what I am doing and the bonus is I get to meet all kinds of interesting people. I have a number of l projects planned for 2010 for model shoots and a few weddings. Also I travel to Victoria frequently so I am always looking for models and a make-up artist in the area. Love shooting there. I really like combining software and photos to create a photographic story.
I do not do full nude or especially lingerie shots. If you want kinky, Goth, fetish, and anything kind of creepy find another photographer! I will do implied nude shots with certain models that interest me as long it is artistic and not just for the sake of it. I really enjoy working with the models who are just starting out. It is great to see them develop over time and lose their ackwardness and, hopefully, go on to much better photographers and good paying shoots.
If you like my work you can always get in touch with me. I will still do lots of TF* and paid compensation depending on the shoot concept and experience of the model.
PLEASE NOTE: Any TF*MODELS shooting with me for the FIRST TIME receive a $60.00 MALL GIFT CARD IN APPRECIATION. I have acquired an extensive size S wardrobe for shoots. Also I really prefer not to shoot with those under 19. Exceptions would be if there was a particuliar model that I found interesting so there would have to be an escort and parents would have to sign the Model Release. And if you are over 19 and want to bring an escort that is alright with me as long as they are not hovering over me in the shooting area.
I also like to show my models pictures of the shoot as it progresses. I find they appreciate this tremendously and learn quicker; even the experienced ones find this helpful. Sometimes the models come up with some great ideas or want to redo a pose. Then we both benefit.



Lucy Clark MM#1391768 (Australia)
Heather 1987 MM#1273133
Do-Me-Justice MM# 1324378
Rhiana Grey MM#779559
SYoshi MM#1012161
Lucy Byrne
Ann-marie Seward MM#1232677 x3
Chanty Town MM#1296008
Heather Marie Scott MM#1330955
Sabrina Duncan MM#1306366 (Duncan)
Cali Van Zant MM#377927
Luminere Lasenze MM#1282627 Nanaimo)
Melissa Robin MM#1263843 (Victoria)
Tanya Wheadon MM#1151536 (Kamloops)
Bri W MM#1251278 (Victoria)
Laura Mclean MM#1127949
Ashley Ver MM#1230473 (Victoria)
Kat Karpoff MM#1064458
Melina Csontos MM#1206366 X2
Brenda Trevino MM#1094642 (Victoria)
Ashley G MM#574707
Tiffany Thomas MM#441944
Vanessa SD MM#1050420
Lisit MM#95557 x6
Jordyn Dawn MM#851662 (Calgary)
Elena T x4 (Seattle)
Laresa R x2
Alicia Meek MM#703792: Special thank you to her! 1st Class all the way! What a model! x2
Karinna Annette MM#357270 (Victoria)
Kirstyn Bonar MM#1082615 x2
Vienna Fancher MM#765538 Michelle LH MM#1044799 (Victoria) Natalie Jayne MM#853809 Shay Byng MM#1203615 x2 Ashley C X2 Terra C (Victoria) Haylea D Jasmine B x6 (Penticton) Lacey U x3 Meghan S x3 Sarah D x5 Lia S x2 (Victoria) Charbon du Bois (France) MUA Tracy M T MM#806492 Makeup with Tessa MM#1280198 Talysia Ayala MM# 579071 x3 CindyC MM#802435 Neetha Y MM#812127 Raquel Loglisci MAC ( Victoria ) Nicole Lopez MAC x3 ( Victoria ) Tara Hartl MAC x2 Brooklyn MAC Brenda Lorenzo Kels Walker MM# 837666. Lovely to work with! Faye Wu MM#798900: Beyond the call of duty. Ashley Whitting MM#899688 Jenna Zendel MM#889248 Jessica Meiner ( Victoria ) MAC Eliza Radomski especially for the make-up on Meg. Terriffic work. MAC elizamakeup.com Nav Malhi Donna Payne MAC Lisa Derbyshire. First class all the way. MAC Shawna DeCosta ( Victoria ) MAC Stephanie Bernal MAC Lauren Bedwell MAC Annita Roop MAC Nikki Hall MAC x2 Brooke Preston MAC. Amazing work. Studio6480 MM#845404 X2 Perfect is her middle name. Thank U. PhotoShop Wizard MM# 1019397 -Meghan S. She does what I mostly cannot. She is the ONE who makes me look good especially when I screwup.... I am grateful to her and consider myself very lucky. Big THANK YOU!. Group Hug Everybody! lol...


22 Jul 10 01:52
thank you so much ;)
12 Apr 10 21:20
nice port!
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