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"He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves."
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Love in the Time of Cholera

I believe in making shoots FUN and trying to get to know models at least a little during the shoot so as to try and make the whole experience less like "a-total-stranger-with-a-camera-in-your-face-telling-you-what-to-do" and more like two people who enjoy what they do.

I try my best to put you at ease, so be prepared to laugh, often. If you're looking for a photographer that stands slack-faced, silent and clicks away, that's not me. :)

(Disclaimer: Not all my jokes are funny - some are downright corny, admittedly - but I do my best to make you comfortable and put you at ease.)

"Where and what do you shoot?"

For some reason I'm drawn to odd, interesting, fun, unique, destroyed, decaying and abandoned locations. Some of my favorite spots are: An abandoned hospital, decaying graffiti-covered missile site, neglected water-treatment plant, etc.

I love the beach too, but want to avoid the cliched caution-tape, gas-masks, railroad tracks and baby-oiled-booty shoots.

Cheesy, cliche, demeaning, offensive = bad.

Empowering, evocative, artistic, edgy, creative, sensual and classy = good.

Casual, swimwear, high and low fashion, editorial, erotic, exotic, quixotic, whatever!

"Are you dependable?"

I have NEVER flaked on a model, ever, and I do NOT plan to start. I book most shoots a week in advance, put them in a calendar and devote that time to the model. If something does come up, I promise to contact you well in advance so that you have time to book another shoot if you want to. I ask the SAME of you.

****** Dependable Models only! FLAKES need NOT apply *****


"Do you shoot TF?"

Sometimes, but to a very limited degree. I've recently invested in quite a few thousands of dollars worth of equipment and need to be focusing on paid work so I can actually pay off the debt! I DO work on a sliding scale, according to need, so don't be afraid to make an offer.

"I have no money but like your work and want to shoot. What else can we trade?"

Will trade photographic services for any of the below:

Old Cameras, Nikon lenses, various accessories.

Gift cards to Jamba Juice and Game Stop, but only if they're pretty big ones.

"How do you feel about escorts?"

Hate em.


Reason #1 - Most of the places in which we'll be shooting are abandoned but yet, for some reason, it's still trespassing to be there. In other words: The fewer people in tow, the less chance of getting busted so, I try to keep it one on one whenever possible.

Reason #2: I see this as WORK. Though I try to make it fun, it's still a job and, really, in what job is it acceptable to bring a friend to watch you while you work?

In my experience, escorts change the entire 'feel' of the shoot and so much time is wasted with the model looking back to make sure her friend is entertained, thus wasting shooting time.

If you REALLY want to bring someone, bring them, meet me at some public place, we'll all have a nice chat, a cup of tea or whatever and, if you feel comfortable, you and I will work and your escort can pick you up after the shoot.

In other words: Unless you're under 18, please, NO ESCORTS.


"But I've had problems with past photographers!"

If you've had bad experiences with photographers in the past, I'm sorry to hear that, but please remember: I'm not them. I've had some truly terrible model experiences, I'm talking major nutcases, flakes, wanna-be princesses and uber-divas, but I will not let their unprofessional attitude, undependable-nature and overall ignorance color my image of you; I ask for the same in return.

"What will I get in return and when?"

Models will receive a fair number (usually 5 or so, but often more - sometimes many more, depending upon the individual - past models have gotten 3-4 or 30, it just depends on how the day goes) of low-res, watermarked images to use in their online port and for social networking. High-res, watermark-free images will be made available at a nominal fee. A CD/DVD of the shoot will also only be made available to for a reasonable fee but will not, in most cases, be given freely.

I will usually get at least a few edited shots for you up in a PRIVATE, ONLINE photo album, within a few days.

"Do you edit your own photos?"

Yes, I do edit my own work but I'm not one of those who make models look like plastic. I believe in highlighting the positive but see no reason to change the color of one's eyes, or make a model look 100 lbs less than she is. In other words, I prefer NATURAL and REALISTIC looks. Though I will edit out pimples, scars, mustaches, back hair, conjoined twins and any other unwanted items the model wishes, otherwise, the person you see is pretty much the person that really exists, just a little more polished.

Your ideas, opinions and suggestions are welcomed.


Contact Information:

Email: Jonathan@Kamaphotography.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KamaPhotography
Yahoo Messenger: Kamaphotography
MSN Messenger: Kamaphotography@gmail.com
AIM: Kamaphotography
Skype: Kamaphotography

NOTE: Thanks to previous flakes, all shoots will require a 20%, deposit (including TF - $25 travel fee) via Paypal at least 48 hours before the scheduled shoot or forfeit of slot may be necessary.

Please send to: Jonathan@kamaphotography.com at www.paypal.com to hold your booking.

Looking forward to working with you.



Some other places to find my work:


The Less Conservative Side: www.modelmayhem.com/xaerotica


MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kamaphotography

Deviant Art: http://kama-photography.deviantart.com/



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Glad to have found you here! Wildcat
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well what ideas do u have in mind?
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It's great to see you here. Love your work as always. Join our iStudio photo contest now and have some fun. :) Welcome!!! xo Marianne- WRS
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u have nice work as well if u shoot tfcd then wuld love to work with u xoxo*~ sno
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