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About Me

Hi, my name is Reuben and I'm a student photographer. To be more accurate, I've returned to photography after a wee break and am taking my time getting back into the swing of things and relearning many of the things I've forgotten. I am 100% self-taught.
I'm reasonably accomplished with photoshop, not that my pictures are all photoshopped. I don't have a studio and so I generally photograph on location making do with what I have. I like to work with natural light and I particularly like to take advantage of the wonderful effects you can create when you have sunlight falling upon a subject with intervening objects making interesting patterns of dark and light. I also love eyes.
At the moment, about the only model you'll find in my portfolio is Nude Etude (1389348) who also doubles as my wife on the weekends... the reason for there being only her photos is motivated by mostly by the fact that I haven't taken that many shots of other models and I'm not sufficiently happy with them to wish to display them in public. Interpret that fact in whatever way takes your fancy.
I'm aware of my own limitations, but then I said it's been a long time. Feel free to take a look.

Please note I do NOT trade comments. If someone comments on one of my photos, it will prompt me to look at their portfolio. I will comment on pictures if I like them and for no other reason. I expect the same in return. If you like a pic, feel free to comment. Hell, if you don't like a pic, feel free to comment and say why you don't like it. The moral of the tale is that I only want honest comments. If I leave a comment on one of your pics don't feel obliged to comment on one of mine. If you don't like any of my pics enough to leave a comment, I won't be offended.

Incidentally, if you're going to leave a friend request at least tag me, so I think there may be a teeny-tiny reason and you aren't just collecting...




So far I have worked with and would like to extend my gratitude to:

Cheeky elf MM# 860296 (she is a very capable and lovely model)
Christine Conway MM# #897780
Olga Gill MM#1153760 (Great job on the make-up)
Daniel Elliott MM#1114849
Nude Etude MM#1389348