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Art Minds is known internationally for creating authentic photographic images of contemporary athletic men for mass-market and promotional products, including calendars, posters, gift bags, books, cards, framed art, retail display and any product requiring a masculine, sexy male image.

Art Minds' signature style presents his subjects in settings and wardrobe that are context appropriate, naturally masculine, athletic, handsome, sexy, sharp and clean.

Models are compensated on a royalty basis for usage of their images, and referrals are frequently requested by casting directors and television and commercial producers. We are always interested in hearing from exceptional male model candidates from anywhere in the USA.

A model's primary value is in his "image", not his "experience." New models commonly state in their profile that they are seeking "experience" in front of the camera. "Experience" will not make you better looking. A photographer experienced in producing published images can direct a model to produce exceptional marketable images, if you have the "look": a handsome face, a lean, athletic and proportional physique and a welcoming smile.

If you truly believe you have commercial potential as a model, don't waste your time working with "guys with cams" with no experience in the "business" of photography. If you think you've got what it takes to be a successful model to appear in print, don't settle for "time for prints" (TFP).

Exceptionally handsome and fit models deserve to be compensated for their image, and shouldn't sign away rights to their image to photographers or camera owners not actively working in the publication market. And you don't need a "portfolio" to book commercial work for the first time, and even if you did, an inexperienced photographer whose work has never been published is NOT the person to guide you to produce marketable images.

For more information and to be considered for one of our shoots,click here: http://www.artminds.com/model.html

See more of my work at these links:
http://www.artminds.com/cgi-bin/ImageFo … eFolio.cgi


My images have been used by the world's major calendar publishers in more than 25 retail calendars and 11 promotional calendars, posters, gift bags, mouse pads, air fresheners, drink cozies, and other products from 1997-2011. Examples of actual published work are shown here in my ModelMayhem profile.

Macy's South Beach (framed prints from my Sculpted by Light series for the men's department wall decor)
Macy's Central Division (group images of Structure Underwear Models for the underwear departments of two stores)
Australian Health Food Store signage

Structure Underwear Model Search (1997)
Entertainment Tonight (1999-feature coverage of calendar shoot)
Manhunt, the Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model (2004, NBC/Bravo TV reality show, featured photographer in Puerto Rico)
Fox TV's Good Day LA (1999)

Shutterbug Magazine (September, 2000)
ProLighting: Provocative Shots (Rotovision, 2000)
ProLighting: Lighting the Nude (Rotovision, 2002)


UnderGear, Structure Underwear Model Search


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