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I am an experieced photographer of 13+ years. I am looking for
any model who is willing and ready to be professional and also learn new techniques, scenarios, and concepts. Its pretty much a partnership.

However i will experiment separately in both my photography and my filming. I am looking to further my portfolio and also help other models expand the knowledge of themselves by allowing them to experiment with new age and modern staging, to candid events and other scenario. Its about experiencing one's own capabilities and passion. This is ART. It is unselfish, and humbling, freedom, the breath of air to seek, find, and capture the essence of the breeze while its here and capture it in the stillness of the immediacy.

If you are a model and are daring to try new things, and learn yourself, contact me. I am professional and am currently shooting with great rates. I will shoot ALMOST anything and all is discreet and confidential to the privacy until released by both parties. I look forward to working with you.

photosbynathanw@gmail.com or


Jacquelynne- Mayhem #1352262
Kristina White
Sarah C.
Ieisha Shawtyy- Mayhem #2340779
Cori Malone - Mayhem #2221358
Emily Cadance MM#2852926
DeAnne of Hearts-Mayhem #2966482
Lovely ame- Mayhem# 2383850
Prim - Mayhem #2389875
Della Delaney #764695


01 Sep 11 04:25
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any photo retouching assistance.
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