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As a photographer, I've been shooting for the last 20+ years, both film & digital. Over the years, I've pretty much shot everything, from weddings, engagements, sports, etc. I currently focus on model portfolio development, commercial & print type work, as well as all kinds of portraiture work for my clients.
I work fulltime as a healthcare compliance consultant, so my photography is a part time business I run in my "spare" time!
I love shooting outdoors, utilizing soft, natural light! But if the weather doesnt cooperate, I do have a small studio that's located in the little town of Leicester MA, which is a part of Worcester County. For those of you that are asking where's that???? I'm located about an hour West of Boston via the MA Pike.

With all this said, I joined this site as well as few other sites to network and promote my work. I do offer TF work if I have the time to accommodate requests, but paid client work is my main focus. My reputation in this industry means everything to me, and I'm very respectful of other people and their time. All I ask in return is the same common courtesy when it comes to booking work with me.

So if you like my style of photography and are interested in working with me, or have a concept that you would love to shoot, send me an e-mail with your ideas to my SM account, or I can be reached at:

(508) 353-1775


MFG Photography has moved into their new 1,500 sq. ft. studio

MFG Photography is now located at
301 River Street
Leicester, MA 01524


Alyssa MM# 1123340 (2x)
Becky M. MM# 1062736
Carissa Ashley MM# 777844 Model & MUA
Chrystalina MM# 1144353 (2x)
Danielle MM# 838137
Heather MM# 773594
Ingrid MM# 1173531
Jayne Riot (Model & MUA) MM# 251673
Jessica MM# 1047054 (3x)
Jessica (Not on MM)
Jo-Jo MM# 56498 (2x)
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Melanie MM# 1158548 (3x)
Paige MM# 1244428 (2x)
Samantha MM# 1091219
Shauna MM# 863835 (2x)
Starlettestars MM# 1003171 (3x)
Makeup Hair & Wardrobe
Carissa MM# 777844 (MUA)
Jayne Riot (Model & MUA) MM# 251673
Sisters of The Moon D (Wardrobe/Designer) MM# 1048668
Stephanie (MUA & Hair) MM# 762687


13 Dec 09 21:23
Love your port and photos as always. Keep up the outstanding work. Please feel free to join our photo contest "PICTURE OF THE MONTH". December theme is: CHRISTMAS PHOTOS :) Thank you!!! xo * Marianne- WRS
02 Aug 09 00:01
Thank you for the nice image comment. :)
20 Jul 09 00:04
What a great day we had !! Thanks sooooo much for the awesome shoot. ........ love the images you sent! :)
15 Jul 09 22:19
Hey Hey! A friendly face!! Glad to see you came over hear! :) Caroline and Melanie
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