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About Me

Hi, My name is Heiðdís Rós and I am a 21 years old airbrush and make up artist from Iceland. I have always had interests learning make up since i was a little girl.
I have been working now for two years as an independent make-up artist for magazines, music videos, fashion shows, fashion shoots and many more. I have good skills in all make up varieties, preferring most heavy extreme make up where i can use my imagination.

I learned at Rifka Make up school the year 2006 they teach the basic knowledge in make up. I also use to work as mac make up artist for Mac cosmetics in Iceland and had all kinds of training, I'm learning airbrush make up in October in Airbrush make up school so soon I will be able to do anything:D

I'm moving to Orlando on this year. In Orlando I'm going to Joe Blasco make up school because I want to improve my skills to be best. In the school I'm learning all about special effects, body paint and theater make up. My dream is to be a make up artist for a living and be well known all over the world.

My strong points are creativity, hard work and a positive way of thinking, believing that there is nothing you can not do if you try hard enough.

If your a photographer, model or work in the fashion pleas contact me I am open to any fun or creative projects. I only do paid work but i always consider every projects if they can improve my portfolio so just contact me:D


Worked for Mac cosmetics Iceland for a year 20 07-2008
Winner of Icelandic make up contest 2009


Maxim Bulgaria June 2009 cover and images in the magazine
Vikan Magazine in Iceland 2009
Séð og heyrt magazine in Iceland 2009
Nýtt Líf Magazine in Iceland 2009
Iceland Review magazine cover desember 2008

Collection Book for design Arna Sigrún
Photo shoot Bao Tranchi autum collection
Krel wear collection
Photo shoot for E-label design

Krel wear Septmeber 2009 (Iceland)
Bao Tranchi fashion show September 2009 (Iceland)
Rebel Fashion Show Septmeber 2009 (Iceland)
Iceland Fashion week Septmeber 2009
Ford model (Iceland) 2007
Fashion Dancing show 2009

Primera Air comercial
Adam and Eva comercial
Jon and Yan jewlery comercial

Music video
Kenya 2007


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Jessica Bosch (Miami)


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