Meagan - KQRS Classic Babe!
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:140 lbs
Measurements:34-30-34 in
Shoe Size:9
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Join:12 Jun 2004

About Me

Hi Guys and Gals!
Thanks for checking out my portfolio. A little about me. I am an artist by nature. My whole life I have loved to be surrounded by beautiful things, art, architecture, music, literature and anything else of aesthetic value. I paint, draw, sketch for comics, do photography,write, and do graphic design, so modeling was just another extention of that passion. My goal in life is either to create art, to be a patron of the arts, or to be a muse to others. I think that you will be able to tell that from my work, I am willing to be freezing, cramped or tired as long as the end result justifies the means. Being such a fan of art, this also means that I am a huge fan of becoming art. Any one who wants to collaberate on turning me in to a comic character, a fantasy creature or bodycasting...or anything else just let me know! I want to break free of reality through my art! Back to the borring stuff...

I am currently doing shoots for $25 dollars an hour, with a two hour minimum. This does not count hair and makeup prep, i wont charge to sit and have someone put on my . The only reason i ask to be compensated is because i request off work for shoots, that that is how much i make an hour serving. While I still do consider time for prints for really unique ideas, or for tear sheets, paid shoots get priority ! Thanks A bunch!

I AM ALSO A GRAPHIC DESIGNER! I am currently doing buisness card design for $200. If you are interested in getting a design done, contact me and we can talk about what you are looking for. There is no risk, if you dont like it, you dont buy it.

ONE MORE THING! while I am a graphic designer, I am not yet highly skilled in flash and website design. I am looking for someone to collaberate on making a website for myself, and compensation can be negotiated. I have almost all of the design work done, I would just need help putting it together, thanks!


We have found a photographer for the 7 Deadly Sins Project- Mona Ruff-Saer! Yeay! look forward to that!

A Boa or python, I love snakes and would love a picture with one.

Group shots with other girls, nothing sexual please, but high fashion stuff.

Something fun with things like wigs and stuff, really change my look!

Product type shots, like something you would see in a mag. for shoes or bags

I will add stuff as i think about it.

I have been lucky to work with some amazing photographers in the past year:

Chester Victor, 43426: As far as my modeling goes, he started it all. I can never say enough about him. He takes amazing photos, and after the shoot is done, he still contacts you, sends you info on jobs and looks in to other photographers for you. I would highly recomend him to anyone looking to have some unique photos done.

Wendi Shinkle: 99856
Wendi is one of the most, if not the most talented photographers i have ever worked with. I am amazed at her talent with hair and makeup, along with the vision that she has for her shoots. Her photographs have filled a void in my portfolio that i have been trying to fix for a long time. She was fun, outgoing, and knows just what to do to make a girl look her best. I would recomend her to anyone, and i hope i get to work with her again some time in the future!

Bill Hipps, 70375: Great guy to work with. I had a blast when working with him. He listens very well to your ideas, suggestions or concerns. One great thing about Bill is that he knows how to pose the female body. He works with you to produce the best shot possible. He knows what angles, stances and poses work best for your look, and i think that you can tell from my amazing photos he took. Highly recomend him.

Mike O'Halloran: 52918. Great guy, Funny as hell to work with. He knows what he is doing and you can tell in his photos. He Has great, orignal ideas and never pushes you farther than you want to go. He can go from sweet and casual to dark and smoldering photos, and he does them all well. Highly recomend working with.

Stevie Berry: 120243: I love Stevie! she is not only an amazing model, but a great photographer as well. She is great to work with because she knows what it is like on this side of the camera, so she always gets great shots. She is just getting off the ground in photography, so i recomend that everyone works with her before she is booked solid!

Marshall- 81661: I had a great time shooting with him, he is up for lots of different and unique things, i hope i get to work with him again, and i cant wait to see the rest of the pics! Way to go on our Image of the day!

Studio Mona - 88599: MONA IS AMAZING! we spent a entire day together creating some really quality images. i would love to work with her again, and i am so excited to see all of her images. Mona is different from most photographers because she prefers quality over quantity. Each shot is intentional, and she lets you know how you are doing on the other side of the camera. She is laid back and fun to work with, and i am very happy with our shoot together!

Other Photographers:

Scott Walker: 75027
Travis Roberts: 53000
Jason Brown: 72277
Curt Butturff: 7174
Studio 310: 41427
Robert Lee:4324
Tom Standish: 86202
James Menk, 49386
Tim Meinkey: 29508
David Nusbaum: 49589
Jay Kilgore: 23715
Tim Gorman: 112722 (AWSOME)!!!
Tom Stancampiano: 48432
J. Colvin Photography: 92869
Eli Ljung Photography
Huan Tran Photography (California)
Mason Models: 154579 INCREDIBLE JOB!
Henry Czuprinski: 33724 AMAZING eye
Josh Stokes

Makeup Artists:
Andrea Staley
Sarah Taylor: 160371
Wendi Shinkle: 99856
Alexia Adams Artistry: 154938
Kami Waara: 154695
Kumi: 86480

Hair Stylists:
Team of Moxie Salon
Chantelle Marie Martineau: 153245
Posh Team

Aicam L of Grand Sahara: 154368

Brenda Sanford -mother of model Asha Renae (164411), both are amazing!
Kimberly Steward: 42173

Artists: Jay Fife