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People writing me to complain my profile is too long. No one is forcing you to read it so don't complain to me.

I want people to notice my work because the avatar caught their eye. Not because I have to beg people to check my stuff out and tell me if I'm good or crap. Thats why most of my work has views with no comments..I know how good it is...Comment only if you really like it...

A typical shoot with me, could mean.. well... just about anything. I constantly try to push the creative limits and create edgy, fresh images. Ask my models, they'll be the first to tell you.

*Before you read--I had to say this ,not being mean*
I detest trying to organize and coordinate a shoot via messaging. It's a waste of time and really some people can be like pulling teeth to get confirmations going on hiatus for a few weeks then finally responding "Great let's shoot today!" If I'm interested in working with you then I'll just give you my cell number. Give me a call and we'll square everything away in 10 minutes. I want to shoot...not write small novella' all it's, week,s of going back and forth not to mention it takes me more time to type what I need to say than to actually say it.

On Escorts:
Doesn't bother me one bit. I know I'm not a psycho but should I expect you to take my word for it. I certainly wouldn't want my child meeting up with some stranger alone to shoot pictures. Besides I can always use extra hands on shoots and have yet to have someone get in my way or distract me..

*Things that i dont understand and get on my nerves*

1) Not reading the person who you like to work with portfolio...If your reading your not one of these pepole...0

2) Why do some obviously young models state their age as 102 (or other high number) and older modles say they are younger than they appear to be. The second is the tradition but the former...WTF??

3) If a photographer retouches the models face on a lingerie or swimwear shot...even a nude then why not retouch the other 80% percent of the skin being exposed? Looks a little weird with a plasticy flawless face and a splotchy textured body. Just sayin'

4) Whats up with fishy face myspace pics. It isn't sexy and def not flattering.

5) Members talking about themselves in the third person. Your not that important...noone is.

6) Stripper heels are for strippers not models. Nothing kills a nice out fit like cheap clear stripper heels. Why not go all out and get the ones that light up and have fish in the soles. Its your outfit but go all out or fall back...

7) Those announcing comments for comments. Why don't you go first?

A few things I've noticed on MM.

1) 3 out of 5 models will flake on you. Only one of the three will have a legitimate reason. The other two will have mysterious cell phone or email issues.

2) People who guarantee to return comments never do.

3) Most guys portfolios look like test shoots for gay porn.

4) You get more comments if you show skin. Sad but true.

5) Models with cell phone pics and crappy snaps from their friends digicams think MM is an extension of myspace. just another venue to whore around and beg for validation of good looks.

6) We would all prefer to get paid for our services.

7) 80% won't even read this.

8) Some models post pics of their kids. WTF?

8.1) Models with pictures with their Boyfriend at a bar or prom. WTF? This isn't myspace. If it isn't modelesque then it shouldn't be in your port.

9) Some models contact me expressing their love of my work and how they really want to work with me....for a rate. Hold on. Rate? If you love my work and really want to work with me...shouldn't you be paying me? Thats just tacky business. I'm not some GWC that will pay girls to take their clothes off and provide them shots worthy of Huslter's "Beaver Hunt". If I want to throw money at girls to get nekkid I'll go to the titty bar.

10) DIEGO VALDEZ is friends with 76.8% of the female models.

11) Fake baking makes you look orange. Orange only looks good on a oompa loompa.







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