About Me

I have opened my own studio just east of Indianapolis. I am open to TFP if I feel you fit a project I am working on or you have a concept that excites me. I am trying to create more artistic image so I would enjoy hearing from you about conceptual ideas. I am looking to create beautiful images that will benefit both of out portfolios. I am not photographer looking to get young girls in all sorts of undress or have them pose in awkward positions for some sort of power trip. I am very professional on all my shoots and respectful of the models, but that said usually very has fun during the shoot. So if you are looking to work with photographer, who looking give you beautiful images then please contact me via email. As always paid shoots have to come first I have to pay the light bill.

Worked with Mackenzie OMP (390364) She was very professional and need little direction. Her vast expierance made the shoot very easy.

BreezyLaTeezy Mayhem #1001282 was fun to work with and took direction very well.

BrooKeann2003 Mayhem #1061822: Brooke was great to work with. She is very experience so she needs little direction, but listen to the directions given so desired shot could be made. She happy to work with me to get best image possible and even made escort hold a reflector during the shoot.

MisHickey OMP 380537 was very easy to work, her red hair add to the Irish pub theme.

Mrs.Jazz OMP 251904 her wonderful accent and beautiful smile would have made it worth the trip, but her expierance allow her to create pose that created wonderful image

Ashley Mayhem #1061040/OMP 399910

Jessica Mayhem #1101646

Katelynn OMP 403869 was wonderful to work with was able to get some great shots on her first shoot. She seemed very eager to learn with a little help with posing she will go far with her dream to model.

Deddeh Kerkula Model Mayhem #1098349

BrookeMarie Model Mayhem #1093076

Crystal Nichole OMP # 406572 Very nice girl joy to work with

Shannon OMP # 407653 I cannot say enough about Shannon shot for nearly three hours and she was still going. Shannon also is a photographer herself so she picks up quickly on the shot that is wanted. Also is MUA and accomplish at Photoshop. Not sure why she needed me : )

Mason OMP # 199200 MM 40289 my first Movie star Brittany is wonderful she was able to add to my concept to make my ordinary photos extraordinary. Brittany not only models, but is also an accomplished actress. Hope to be able to shoot with her again before she moves to New York or California.

Jena Mayhem #783206 She very welling to do what it takes to get the shot.

Allie Mayhem #406786 is very experience with promotional mode and was willing to do whatever was needed to get the shot. Please visit her site she has used several pictures of mine there which is very much appreciated.

Morgan D Jones Mayhem #1253421: Morgan was a joy to work with not only is she beautiful, she a very sweet person. The time with Morgan flew by fill 2 8 gig cards with images and having trouble deciding which one to post.

MUA Kenzie Mayhem #840787
Makeup Artist Made the photo of Morgan really stand out wish she was in Indianapolis instead of Bloomington I would use every chance is available. She not only can do glamour make up but special effect theatrical make up.

Helv OMP 380491: Erin is fun to work with. Her dance experience and haunting blue eyes make it impossible to get a bad shot. I hope my image can show half of the class and beauty that you see when you meet Erin in person.


Mackenzie OMP (390364)
Amber Doll Mayhem #834163
BreezyLaTeezy Mayhem #1001282
BrooKeann2003 Mayhem #1061822
New Pal Reporter (once on Front Page)
Mishickey OMP (380573)
Mrs_Jazz OMP (251904
Ashley Mayhem #1061040
Jessica Mayhem #1101646
Katelynn OMP 403869
Deddeh Kerkula Mayhem #1098349
Shannon OMP # 407653
Mason OMP # 199200 MM 40289
Jena Mayhem #783206
Allie Mayhem #406786
Morgan D Jones Mayhem #1253421
MUA Kenzie Mayhem #840787
Helv OMP 380491